Affordable M.A.C Freckletone lipstick dupe: Rimmel London’s Nude Delight Moisture Renew lipstick

Freckletone v Nude Spotlight

This post is specifically for my sistas ballin’ on a budget, or those who love a bargain who covet the nude lipstick worn and favoured by both Beyonce and Kim Kardashian – try Nude Delight by Rimmel London.

I have confessed my shameless adoration for M.A.C’s Freckletone – a warm, peach nude lipstick many a time.

M.A.C’s Freckletone is affordable for most in the USA at $14.50 USD but is quite the budget blow out if you’re trying to pick it up across the ocean – in my local country of Australia. It rings up at the registers at a staggering $36.00 AUD.

As I have stated previously Freckletone is a Lustre finish – meaning it has a glossy, shiny or subtle wet look to it which is a great characteristic to have for those gloss lovers wanting to transition into lipsticks. However, it isn’t that great when it comes to product longevity – given it’s glossy, somewhat sheer texture. You are required to re-apply the product more than what you would with a more opaque or matte formulated lipstick.


As Freckletone is my HG lipstick I go through it pretty quickly and that’s fine when I stockpile it from the US – however when your Fancyeness reaches a critical shortage an emergency plan needs to be actioned…

Like a beacon of light in a world of darkness or a loaded shotgun in a zombie apocalypse, Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight #700 emerged to save my naked pout.

After abusing a pharmacist for not having a particular drug I needed in stock I heard over the loud speaker “All Rimmel 30% off products” – intrigued about what I could find by this brand I had heard such positive reviews about but didn’t own anything of, I drifted over to the Rimmel stand.

Well, well, well they had full stock of their lipstick lines. I have been quite tickled lately by drugstore lipstick offerings after delighting in the Face of Australia Lip Quenches and Wet N Wild’s range in the USA. My inner beauty goddess cooed to me – go on…swatch…

Swatch I did. First lipstick that caught my eye was the Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate lippie in the shade 03. An eye catching pink based nude a perfect ‘my lips but better’ colour – which I later discovered is a convincing dupe for M.A.C’s Cherish lipstick. Into the cart she went.

Then with her bright metallic purple packaging my heart skipped a beat as I took the cap off to reveal Rimmel London’s Nude Delight #700 Moisture Renew Lipstick.

Could it be?! My beloved M.A.C Freckletone recreated as an almost identical dupe by a British drugstore brand? I contained my squeal as I took my drugstore pretties to the counter. Despite being deathly sick – my day had just got a billion times better – a purse friendly $16.00 ($8.00 each) later.

If you are not yet convinced you need Nude Delight in your collection let me give you her stats:


A peachy, warm nude almost identical to M.A.C’s Freckletone however is a touch more on the orange side. Nude Delight is almost a universally flattering shade – white girls wear it well and us sistas up to around NC50 can rock it with nude confidence.


It’s a moisturising somewhat creamy formula – not as creamy as M.A.C Cremesheens though – more along the lines of a Lustre finish. The formula contains collagen, polypeptides and hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates lips and improves their condition over time. They have a colour complex of Vitamin A, C and E, antioxidants and SPF which protects lips from everyday damage.


Given it’s a moisturising formula (which really are my favourite) Nude Delight is not going to have the staying power of other finishes – similar to M.A.C Freckletone’s staying power it wears for around 3 hours without eating and drinking before you need to apply again. When it wears off it does so evenly and doesn’t leave unsightly ring marks around your lips or settles into lines.


Nude Delight glides onto the lips like a dream. It has great slip and on my NC35/40 coloured skin and not overly pigmented pink lips, I don’t require the help of a lip liner. Straight out the tube is just fine.

Fancye Scale

5 /5 


Rimmel Nude Delight

Rimmel Nude Delight

Rimmel Nude Delight Lipstick swatch

Rimmel London Nude Delight Lipstick

MAC Freckletone

If you don’t have M.A.C Freckletone but you like the look of it and aren’t willing to pay the premium price – Rimmel London’s Nude Delight will do the trick.

You can pick it up at all good drugstores ranging from $6 – $12 AUD/USD.


Do you own Nude Delight? What do you think of it?

Miss Fancye


Nude Delight



  1. Mahealani says

    Bought the dupe based on your post! LOVE it! I splurged on MAC’s Hot Tahiti and Speak Loudly, but I wanted a nude as well. I’m so olive skinned and tan that I didn’t think that nude lips would work on me. The one the MAC artist did was too light and too silvery nude. Happened to see your post and picked up Rimmel Nude Delight at the drugstore. SO HAPPY and so glad I didn’t spend a fortune as well. Paired with the Tiramisu liner, I am in nude lips heaven!!!

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