Beyoncé covers GQ boasting her banging post-baby body



Beyoncé proves she is the reigning Queen of Hotness on the cover of men’s magazine GQ.

Queen Bey covers the February 2013 edition of men’s magazine GQ voted as the hottest woman in the world. Beyoncé’s toned and fit bod looks incredible almost a year after giving birth to the rarely seen music royal Blue Ivy Carter.

Although not everyone is oohing and ahhing about the 31 year old’s Texan native’s bold choice to cover the men’s magazine. People on the Twittersphere were tweeting their disapproval of her choice to reveal so much flesh given her role as a wife and new mother. The Navy weighed in with their ‘she just copied Rihanna! Queen Rih looked better!’ quips given Rihanna’s recent and similarly cover shoot with GQ. Then there were those who thought the shoot was both classes, in poor taste and beneath Beyoncé’s level to do.

In my opinion sis looks incredible but I don’t know that it is necessarily consistent with her classy, female empowerment image she has carefully maintained over the years. I acknowledge that GQ is a men’s magazine and all covering models are scantily clad – however she would have known that in agreeing to be a cover model.

I love me some Beyoncé but I think she should leave the underboob, sideboob and just boob and butt shoots in general to the likes of carefree, sexualised, image chameleon Rihanna. 

Beyhive and Beyoncé fans – you can read the full interview here.

Peep the GQ photo shoot images below:

Beyoncé -gq-cover2







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  1. Dreamloverboy says

    Um… What baby? She is looking great. Don’t know how much of that is touched up. But good on her for getting back into shape. It means more music videos with awesome choreography!!! Can’t wait to see what she does this year.

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