Beyoncé announces pregnancy at MTV VMAs (for real this time)

Beyoncé has announced to the world that she is pregnant to her husband of 3 years Jay-Z (41 years) at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. She started it all off with a bang, addressing the elephant in the room by screaming out that we should all “feel the love that’s growing inside me.” She rubbed her burgeoning baby bump after her phenomenal performance of “Love on Top” and she looked absolutely radiant in a floor length orange gown, which I presume not many people took notice of as soon as they saw her strategic hand placement. Congratulations Bey! The news was rather ironic given I was only having a conversation with a close girlfriend of mine only yesterday about this very topic:

 “Oh you know Jay-Z is keen for Bey to have a baby, girl…”

Miss Fancye: “Well he is like 40 years old.”

“I hope that baby looks like her…you know she wants a career first.”

Miss Fancye: “She should outsource that birth like all the other celebs. Buy a surrogate, same product with no effort…”

I recollect Makael from “The Skorpion Show” in a previous video emphasising the need for Beyoncé to hurry up on that baby making, Jigga’s getting on in the years

What I would like to know is how on earth did she conceal it? Bey is notoriously private about her personal life which is something I’ve always admired, so not telling people wouldn’t be a challenge, but not SHOWING people is another story. That bump is quite obvious and Beyoncé  has been performing her tail off all summer long, in Europe, GMA and most recently which I wrote a post on, at the Roseland Ballroom in NY. My guess was Spanx on Spanx.

Given the news, It seems that the “1+1” video must have been shot quite some months ago as she was not showing in it at all, which you can view here. Let’s have a look at her wardrobe choices to see how she’s hidden this power child from the world shall we?

June 26 2011, Beyoncé performing in Glastonbury, hardly a belly there.

This yellow crocheted number she wore would not have been forgiving on a baby bump when she wore it on 1 July 2011 my guess is she could not have been too far along back then.

Is it just me or is her face a little puffier? Look at that strategically placed flap of fabric over the belly. Having reviewed the Roseland Ballroom performance videos here I can see that she is not nearly going as HAM as she normally would on the dancing.

Recently on Piers Morgan’s show Beyoncé cheekily admitted that she has always wanted to be with child before thirty, and at twenty-nine years old she was already there.

Baby Bey-Z will be rap/r&b/pop royalty, and we all cannot wait to meet you!

Watch below for Beyoncé’s stellar performance at the 2011 VMA’s.

Look at how elated Jigga is at her belly rub!! What a proud Daddy. 

How many months pregnant do you think Queen Bey is? Vote below!

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Happy 30th BDay for Beyoncé as she celebrates in Italy with Jay-Z and celebrity friends

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*NEW* Video: Beyoncé performs intimate concerts at Roseland Ballroom, New York 

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