Birthday Cake (Remix) – Rihanna ft. Chris Brown: NEW MUSIC


Former couple Rihanna and Chris Brown set tongues wagging in their very sexy collaboration on the “Birthday Cake (Remix).”


No one can deny the fact that Rihanna attracts media attention whether that be for her music or personal life. People love to “Talk That Talk”….(you see what I did right there?)  

The choice for Chris and Rihanna to collaborate on the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” has sparked a lot of public backlash for those who are still holding hatred in their hearts towards Chris Brown’s abusive behaviour. It has been many years the incident occurred however unfortunately, the legacy of such an act will always be remembered. I guess you could call him the Ike Turner of Generation Y. 

“Birthday Cake” the original track spanned a mere minute long on her latest album “Talk That Talk” released in November 2011. However the Rihanna Navy loved the track so much they bombarded her with tweets begging that she turn it into a full track – and in usual Rih Rih form, she listened to her fans. I love Rihanna for that. She values her fan base and their feedback and openly engages in dialogue with them *side eyes Beyoncé.

Oh and she retweeted me one time just throwing it out there again (and no I am never going to get sick of saying that)I’m just saying…

Anyway, back to the track it’s sexy, catchy and the lyrics from Chris Brown suggest maybe he IS getting that birthday cake…

Have a listen to the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” below:



What do you think of the “Birthday Cake (Remix)”?


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