Bound 2 – Kanye West: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

Bound 2

“Bound 2” is the latest single and music video release from Kanye West which features his fiance and baby mama Kim Kardashian.

The sexy yet artistic video was premiered while Kanye was on The Ellen Show and has received mixed reviews – some alarming others with praise.


“Bound 2” opens up with beautiful landscape images of the mountains and the US south west with galloping brumbies.

Throughout the video Kanye is depicted riding a motorcycle with fiance Kim Kardashian straddling it – clearly ignoring safety warnings, hot nonetheless. Kim is topless in the video but you don’t see anything except the outline of her breasts – I don’t understand the big outcry!

This video was filmed after Kim gave birth to North West – and it goes without saying her body looks absolutely incredible  in this video. Mama must have worked hard to get that pre-baby body back. Good on her I say!

Can we pause for a moment just to reflect on the beauty of that simple makeup she’s wearing?! Bronze gold eyeshadow, nude lips and lashings of mascara – minimal sexiness is Kardashian’s signature look and damn I love it. When she bleaches her hair blonde she tends to retire the smokey eye.


This is one of my favourite songs on “Yeezus.”

I love John Legend and Charlie Wilson’s contribution to this track. The sounds on “Bound 2” particularly around the chorus – give me LIFE!! West has an amazing knack of mixing old sounds with new and “Bound 2” is a classic example of this.

The song itself references Kim Kardashian but isn’t prescriptively about her – it’s in fact about his love life.

He meets a girl in the club in her 30s who’s wearing the clothes of a 20 year old (all that she can afford) and takes a chance on her.


I love the video – it’s so Kanye and the addition of Kim Kardashian really tops it off (no pun intended). I don’t agree with the opinion of others that Kanye’s talent and work has been tainted or compromised by his relationship with Kim – I think “Bound 2” is a beautiful visual display of how much the couple are indeed bound by love.

If you want to recreate Kim Kardashian’s makeup look in “Bound 2” watch the below video!

What do you think of the music video for “Bound 2?” 

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