Fortune – Chris Brown Track-By-Track: ALBUM REVIEW


 Chris Brown has released his fifth LP titled Fortune.  [Read more...]

“Looking 4 Myself” – Usher: ALBUM REVIEW


Looking 4 Myself is the seventh album from R&B veteran Usher Raymond.  [Read more...]

Rihanna “Talk That Talk”: ALBUM REVIEW

 Rihanna has released her sixth album titled “Talk That Talk.”

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ALBUM REVIEW: Drake “Take Care”


Drake has released his third album (I am including his first mixtape) “Take Care” finally after much anticipation and album push backs. It was already topping the ITunes charts after only a day release. The album leaked a week out from it’s official release but Drake himself wasn’t too phased by it, I assume he knew his content was going to kill it in sales anyhow and it looks like his cockiness is warranted. We already know that Canada will be repping for their Toronto-native man in the sales. [Read more...]

Kanye West and Jay-Z *NEW* ALBUM REVIEW: Watch The Throne

The long wait is over, the collaborative album between Jay-Z and Kanye WestWatch The Throne has arrived. The album features themes of religion, social issues, wealth and the high life. If you are looking for a humbling album to listen to, Watch The Throne is not it. The album cover as per below is a very royal embossed gold imprint. The second single off the album is “Otis” which I have reviewed in a previous post here.


You already know anything that Yeezy and Jigga are going to produce it’s going to have swagger and be cutting edge in it’s sound. Kanye and Jay-Z in their solo albums have successfully integrated everything from strings to African drums, showtunes to guitar and horns, autotune to jazz. Aur-gasmic is what I would I call the unique sound of this album.

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