Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday” Tour: GIG REVIEW

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj the Barbie leader rapped her bountiful booty off on in an inaugural 70 minute show in Brisbane, Australia 19 May for her Pink Friday Tour.

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Supafest 2012 exclusive behind the scenes footage


Supafest Chris Brown

The Supafest tour continues to dominate the urban music community in Australia – check out film footage of the artists performing and exclusive behind the scenes. [Read more…]

Supafest 2012 a Supafail?:GIG REVIEW

Supafest Trey Songz

I went to the first show of Supafest in Brisbane and some could quite rightfully call it from an organisational stand point a Supafail.

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GIG REVIEW: Sade concert was ‘king’ in Brisbane, Australia

Image: Miss C

I saw Sade in Brisbane on 12 December 2011 returning after 24 years – it wasn’t anything but a ‘smooth operation.’

My fabulous company at the gig Mr Black Cat summed the concert up in one word: ‘perfection.’

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GIG REVIEW: Janet Jackson #1’s Tour, Gold Coast, Australia

On November 2 2011, I saw the incomparable Miss Janet Jackson in concert on the Gold Coast. I was too young when the Velvet Rope Tour first came to Australia, however that album remains my favourite to this day. I was truly blown away by her performance and ability to entertain while dancing AND singing and keeping it sexy (yeah that’s sexy, sexy, sexy….)

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GIG REVIEW: Naughty By Nature at the Hamilton Hotel, Brisbane

New Jersey natives Naughty by Nature aka hip hop royalty graced our city with their presence on October 29 in Brisbane. Unfortunately this was a gig yours truly could not attend, however HollysAGemini did so keep reading for the gig breakdown on the Naughty ones. 

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