Chris Brown dropped his new mixtape as promised on August 5, titled Boy In Detention. The first track release is titled “Ladies Love Me” (featuring Justin Bieber alias Shawty Mane). A big hell no to the Biebs rapping, point, blank, period.

Love him or hate him, Chris Brown is everywhere right now. He is all over the charts and has  publicly stated the name of his next album Fortune following the release of F.A.M.E.

F.A.M.E. was received the best in Australia and the US, followed closely by the UK. Breezy started his F.A.M.E. Tour in Australia. There is a lot of love for Chris Brown here. To date there have been five single releases off that album, “Yeah x3,” “Forever,” “Look At Me Now,” “Beautiful People,” and “She Ain’t You.”

It is undeniable that Chris’s bad behaviour specifically his physical abuse towards his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2008, affected his record sales, popularity and fan base. Some people will never forgive him for that and as a result continue to hate on him and have indefinitely embargoed his music. I however, am not one of those people.

On the real though immediately post Rihanna incident, I did stop rotating his music. But I have moved on from it. He will always have that legacy though, like Ike did with Tina. But one thing I can’t deny is his amazing talent as an artist. Breezy is the fiercest male dancer on the charts right now, and dude can croon and spit.  I have been fortunate enough to see Chris Brown perform here live in Australia (pre-Rihanna incident) as a support act with Rihanna for Jay-Z. His stage presence and engagement with the audience all those years ago when he first came on the scene, were on point even back then. 

And to my former flame who said that Chris Brown would be a one hit wonder after “Run It” came out, *Breezy voice* Look At Me Now BITCH! 

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Here is a review on the Boy In Detention mixtape from HipH0pCultureTV.

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