“Dance (A$$) Remix” – Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW

Big Sean has released a video for ‘Dance (A$$) Remix’  (the first single off his new album ‘Finally Famous’) featuring the bountiful bootilicious Nicki Minaj. Shout out to TeeTee from BoiRevolution for tweeting me the name of this track when they played it on air on their show. I heard it and instantly loved the catchy beat and MC Hammer sample.

First up, Savannah baby, you probably shouldn’t be watching this video or this review, Mama N. take this girl away from “I’m Just Saying” this song is NOT PG13.

This track had me IN from the first time I heard it, from the combination of the 90s MC Hammer track Can’t Touch This’ and Nicki’s raps  to the sick beat and the repetition of the word ‘ass.’ The track is without a doubt a club hit and is seemingly made for that audience, the dudes would be celebrating when this track comes on in the club, girls shaking their tail feathers to the beat. Ange girl, don’t even THINK about krumping your hot little ass in my face to this song next time we’re out (we’ve talked about this)….


‘Dance A$$ Remix’ is a provocative yet quite simple video it has a lot of vibrant colours and booty popping everywhere (does it come as any surprise given the title and lyrics?). Big Sean plugs his new album throughout the video with ‘Finally Famous’ written on the walls. Big Sean in my opinion has only been relevant as a collaboration artist ie ‘Lay It On Me’ Kelly Rowland but perhaps this album will prove otherwise and he is actually a nice looking dude!

I liked the black and pink swirled background Nicki and Sean are dancing in front of with the white pop up words of the word ‘ass’ in different languages, I thought this was very cute.

Nicki Minaj wears some booty shorts and top covered in the Union Jack (girl if you’d thrown some Southern Cross stars on the side you woulda got mad respect from Australia, just sayin…) gold jewellery and a pair of knee high boots. She is also shot in a black cut out bandage type get up which leaves little to the imagination (again, not surprised).

Miss Minaj pops her money maker and makes it rotate for ten whole seconds in the clip surrounded by the word ‘ass.’ Twitter was seriously going OFF with praise after seeing this.

Her makeup in this video is BEAT. It’s so simple yet gorgeous. Seriously M.A.C you’re onto a good thing with Onika for real…


It comes as no surprise that this track and video has received criticism from parents, do-gooders and feminists. On one hand I can see why and on the other hand I’m kinda like, well what can you do?

Obviously the track is about the beauty of asses, shaking them, and getting oral sex (Nicki’s verse). People are stating ‘Dance (A$$) Remix’ is objectifying women and girls, it’s not conducive to breaking these stereotypes of an object solely for men’s pleasure, that it contradicts Nicki’s previous attempts to banish her earlier mistakes of doing photoshoots which show EVERYTHING and really detract from her rapping ability, along with the delivery of her constant positive messages to her Barbz (young women) about staying in school.

There was a British seven year old girl who recently met Nicki on the set of Ellen where she recited Nicki’s ‘Superbass’ word for word which you can watch below. Nicki Minaj imparts her advice about staying in school and really takes on a role model role while talking to her. Now anyone that has followed Nicki from her mixtape beginnings (like yours truly) KNOWS that Nicki is a rapper and she is grimey and will battle without any regard with coarse language.

Here are some of the lyrics of the track:

“Somebody point me to the best ass-eater”

“If he got a mandingo, then I buy him a dashiki
And bust this p-ssy open in the islands of Waikikiiiiii…”

A seven year old probably shouldn’t be listening to that track. But then again she didn’t perform it for a seven year old, and Big Sean wrote the track. It’s difficult to take a position on this in my opinion because I really like the positive messages she imparts to her fans (Barbz) but then again she is an artist and her ass is her trademark and money maker along with her rapping (which lets face it, when is rapping really ever PG13? Very rarely *cough* Will Smith.

Is it really just the parents responsibility to police their young children on their listening habits? Or is it more complex than that? Should there be more responsibility on the artist to model more desirable behaviours and ideals? ‘Dance (A$$) Remix’ is just another exemplification of this moral conflict people and society have. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


‘Dance (A$$) Remix’ video is hot, fun and matches the tone of the song. It is what I expected the video to look like. I don’t think it deserves as much praise as Twitter and other forums are giving it, I’ve seen better ass shaking in other clips but I still give it props…I’m just saying..

What are your thoughts on the ‘Dance (A$$) Remix’ video with Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj (I actually think she’s starting to steal the show from Big Sean with this video) and the controversy surrounding it?

Miss Fancye


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

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