Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter

Supreme Cream

Dirty Works is an affordable line of beauty products from the UK. I’ve recently seen them stocked on the shelves of Coles.

The first thing that caught my eye was the similarity of the Dirty Works packaging to Soap and Glory’s retro pink branding. I own two of the Soap and Glory products, I am a very big fan of their Breakfast Body Scrub (which smells like pancakes) and their Hand Food hand cream.

I really enjoy Supreme Cream Body Butter on my drier skin days – it’s particularly effective on my elbows and feet. It leaves them feeling soft and moisturized. Sista girls who suffer from ashy skin will find this product will help keep Ashy Larry at bay.

Ashy skin

Ashy Larry from ‘Chappelle’s Show’

I will get the most use of Dirty Works Body Butter in the months of Autumn and Winter when I need extra hydration.


The Body Butter is a light cream shade in the tub.


It is thick, creamy and blends effortlessly into the skin. It does not feel sticky on the skin post-application.


Dirty Works Body Butter moisturizes the skin all day long, it is best applied after a shower for maximum absorption. It has a signature scent (similar to that of Soap and Glory’s) which smells strangely pleasant like clean cupcakes (weird I know!) and lingers all day long.


It has attractive retro style light blue packaging made out of thick plastic and contains a generous 300ML. The Body Butter has a screw top lid.


I picked up Dirty Works Body Butter on sale for $5.03 AUD but it’s normal retail is $9.77 AUD.

The Verdict

4 / 5 – Dirty Works Body Butter is great value and delivers on it’s intended claims.

If you don’t want to shell out $24.95 AUD for Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter, give Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter a go, I think it’s quite comparative.

Supreme Cream

Want more? You can check out the full line of Dirty Works products at their website. 

Have you tried Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter?

Let me know what you think of it below in the comments!


Miss Fancye


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