EXCLUSIVE: Beyoncé’s first Australian interview since pregnancy and FIRST LOOK at “Love On Top” music video

Molly Meldrum has had the privilege of having the first Australian interview since Queen Bey announced her pregnancy to the world, and aren’t us Aussies ever so grateful!!

In this Sunday Night Channel 7 interview Beyoncé talks about her love for Michael Jackson, her Destiny’s Child days, the making of “Run The World (Girls)” music video, fame, her year off and her pregnancy.

The interview also revealed that Beyoncé’s baby aka music royalty is due in February making her six months pregnant this month. She looks very busty in this video!

I cracked up laughing when openly gay Molly said: “I coulda turned for Sasha Fierce.”

Us Aussies are fortunate enough to get the FIRST VIEW, that’s right exclusive footage of the “Love On Top” music video. I near lost my damn mind. Check the interview and video clip below, and remember you have Australia to thank for this, just saying….

What you think of the Queen in “Love on Top and the interview with Molly?
Miss Fancye


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