Fancye’s YouTube Favourites: “The Skorpion Show” and “BoiRevolution”

I love to be educated. I love to be entertained. I love to laugh until I cry. I am going to let you in on how and where I achieve all of these actions simultaneously *drum roll please*

I watch vlogs and shows on YouTube.

NEWSFLASH: YouTube is not only a place where you go to watch music videos.

YouTube connects me with a whole world of entertainment and education beyond what I thought humanly possible. From YouTube I have learnt to cook Southern food to feed Mr Fancye when he has a hankering for down home treats. I have learnt how to recreate the latest makeup looks and watched beauty product reviews to inform my purchases. I have even learnt how to apply a wig and how to sew in a weave! The things you can learn from YouTube are endless, with the website hosting millions of how to, tutorial and review videos refreshing with new content every minute globally.

Aside from it being a forum for learning, YouTube is a hub for humour, creative expression and entertainment. I laugh through hosted celebrity entertainment/news shows, I chuckle at celebrity parody’s, and I cry in laughter at upcoming actors/actresses featuring in low budget comedy sketches. These videos are therapeutic when I am feeling low or bored and a saviour on Monday lunches when I am suffering from Mondayitis at my 9 to 5.

Over time I am going to progressively drip feed you channels/shows that give me life, educate me, make me cry in laughter and have me coming back for more in ‘Fancye’s YouTube Favourites’ posts.

Today I am showcasing two of my very favourite shows which star gay black men. It is just plain rude to keep them to myself and not share them with my readers and wider world.

Ladies and gentleman prepare for foolery, outright shade and tears of laughter (for real though…)


Makael McLendon (left) and Kevin Simmons (right) Image:

The Skorpion Show is an entertainment/celebrity/news/music commentary show hosted by two hilarious young gay black men hailing from Philadelphia by the names of Kevin Simmons (The Skorpion) and Makael McLendon. The Skorpion Show opened my eyes to seeing YouTube as a forum for comedy sketches/entertainment vlogging. Granted I had watched funny skits on YouTube every now and again but never had I seen a topical, humorous entertainment show (that produces an hour long show every few days) led by two men. The show is widely watched by celebrities (many of which who they talk about on the show) and sometimes features exclusive interviews as well as detailed experiences of the lads invites to celebrity events and other brushes with fame.

Makael is a huge Beyonce fan (NOT stan) and affectionately refers to her as his ‘motha’ (mother) and Patti Labelle as his ‘grandmotha’ (grandmother). Although Makael loves Beyoncé more than I have ever seen in my life, he does speak the truth about her, and if he does not like a track the Queen Bey has released or a music video he will openly voice that without hesitation. Makael openly throws shade or goes ‘in on’ celebrities which is where the humour of his commentary originates from, his no-one-is-safe attitude. He attends church and plays it safe for the most, works out and rarely drinks and is the more conservative of the pair rarely joining Kevin on trips. His mannerisms, facial expressions, quotes (I DO NOT live here! Take SEVERAL seats! No shade, but shade) and passion for topics for discussion is what makes Makael a unique and loved character/person.

Kevin (The Skorpion) is the originating and primary host of The Skorpion Show. He is a huge Janet Jackson fan (and is a big fan of Kelly Rowland). As a matter of fact, Kevin tipped me off in a video that Janet has changed her tour around in Australia a fact that as an Australian with tickets to this tour I MIGHT have wanted to know!

The show is nearly always filmed in his mother’s living room where the comings and goings of family members, friends and not so friendly acquaintances feature throughout and add to the commentary and humour of the show.

If I have to pick a favourite, as charismatic and entertaining as Makael is, I would have to pick Kevin. Kevin seemingly organises the filming schedule and collates the topics for discussion and leads debate. He publishes the blog, uploads the videos and also records solo videos without Makael. Kevin is the bigger party animal of the pair and travels wherever there is a celebrity event, party, or gay pride event worth his while going to. He likes to drink, dance and let loose. However, he is the most sensitive of the pair and is often seen on the show crying in joy (drunk) on location videos. Kevin is known for his phrases “I’m DONE! He REALLY tried it! Comment, link, subscribe!” and endless reprimanding of his interrupting family members. Kevin publicly announces his dedication to losing weight on the regular however the weight loss is always short lived (haven’t we all been there?). He recently fell victim to a vicious tongue lashing from the has-been, now irrelevant rapper Khia on YouTube after he went in on her on a video.

I encourage you to watch the foolery and humour that is The Skorpion Show below (and subscribe if they tickle ya):

If you like The Skorpion Show please visit their blog TheSkorpionShow and their YouTube channel, Facebook and follow them on Twitter:


T-B: Kid Cort, Tee Tee, Nicky Jai Image:

 I was first introduced to these guys from The Skorpion Show. BoiRevolution consists of the entertaining and fabulous Atlanta trio Nicky Jai, Tee Tee and Kid Cort. They have a blog talk radio show titled After Dark where they talk about entertainment, love, sex, relationships, pop culture, social and political topics. It is available to listen to live on-air and via podcast, listen to the lads below.

Listen to internet radio with BoiRevolution on Blog Talk Radio

The thing I really love about BoiRevolution is that they also have videos to compliment their radio sessions, reviews on music videos, tours and events, I thoroughly enjoy seeing the men behind the voices. Check out Nicky Jai, Tee Tee and Kid Cort below reviewing their experience at Black Gay Pride Parade this year (I was dying at 12:00mins where they are talking about #meninweaves TeeTee: SHOUT OUT TO #58! That lacefront! Nicky Jai: For real though I was feeling #16’s [or #60?] weave though!) :


BoiRevolution have got me hella excited about visiting the A Town next year on my Southern trip to the mighty U S of A. Something tells me the ATL is going to be poppin if the natives are anything like this trio (and other Georgians namely Outkast, NeNe Leaks, The Braxtons, Usher and Cee-Lo). 

I follow them all on Twitter and they are greatly entertaining and offer intelligent and refreshing perspectives for my timeline (AND they Tweet back). If you like After Dark please visit BlogTalkRadio and subscribe to their show (it’s free y’all!) subscribe to their channel on YouTube, Facebook and also follow them on Twitter:

Admittedly, I think I may have a slight crush on KidCort given he doesn’t bat for my side and that I have Mr Fancye I highly doubt that you my dear reader, will ever see Fancye Courting Kid I’m just sayin…

I hope you enjoy The Skorpion Show and BoiRevolution as much as I do, I love to hear news/celebrity goings on presented in the unique, animated and humorous style that they give their fans on the regular.

Do you watch BoiRevolution or The Skorpion Show already? If not and you’ve just previewed them for the first time, what are your thoughts? Comment below, Tweet or Facebook me your thoughts on Kevin, Makael, Kid Cort, Nicky Jai and Tee Tee

Stay tuned ‘I’m Just Saying’ to see who features next onFancye’s YouTubeFavourites.’

Miss Fancye



  1. queen says

    The skorpion show is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. I love them, i dont want to choose between the two but if i had to makael would be my fav. P.s u didnt mention how much makael loves politics lol

    They are two great guys and when they have an hot topic on something positive you can definitely learn a thing or two…..

    • says

      YAAAS QUEEN! You are so right about Makael and politics. I remember the video when he recited all the presidents I was like ‘well dayumm!’ Thanks for reading my post and stay tuned for more entertainment news and YouTube favourites…I’ve got some great ones coming up. 😉

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