Game of Thrones Season 4.1 “Two Swords”

Arya The Hound

Cersei Lannister summed up this episode when she yelled “Everything has changed!” to brother (and incestuous lover) Jaime.

Indeed it has. “Two Swords” signals to the audience that everything that has happened in Season 3 has created a ‘no way back’ type path for many of the Game of Thrones characters. I think it’s fair to say that in the Game of Thrones nothing happens without a chain reaction effect being felt among the other reigning kingdoms.

Jaime Lannister

The opening scene of the episode showed Ned Stark’s broadsword being melted down into two swords – one of which was given to Jaime. Jaime has returned from being captured with Brienne and he may as well have never returned from King’s Landing given the icy cold reception he received from his father, sister and nephew/son. Rendered useless by the trio being unfit for the King’s Guard with just one arm and ‘taking too long’ to come back to comfort Cersei – one can only hope Jaime can find solace in his friendship with Brienne and ostracized brother Tyrion.

You’ve got to feel for Sansa Stark, the poor kitten. Finding out about her family’s murder at the infamous Red Wedding and the gruesome details really shook her to her core. It’s bad enough she’s the disgraced ex-wife of that monstrous Joffrey – a member of the family who are rejoicing in the fact her family are dead. She doesn’t even respond to the gentle comfort of husband Tyrion who feels truly awful for her. Part of me wishes he wasn’t a Lannister so that maybe she could give him a chance as a husband.

Game of Thrones

Remember Oberyn Martell? If you don’t – you can be forgiven on this one, as the character has been recast this season. Oberyn meets with Tyrion and less than subtlety reminds him of the atrocities which were inflicted upon his family by The Mountain (Gregor Clegane) apparently ordered by Tyrion’s father Tywin Lannister.  Apart from his bisexual tendencies and large sexual appetite – Prince Oberyn definitely has beef with the Lannisters which could end up with some serious revenge action in the future. I hope Tywin is keeping a list of these ‘grievances’ otherwise the family are going to find themselves a few members short if he doesn’t handle business.

Game of Thrones

Speaking of recasting – did anyone raise an eyebrow at Daario’s replacement? Not only is this Daario missing a gold and blue beard as per the books, he looks nothing like the Fabio-esque Daario from last season. He’s just kind of – average looking. Dany is supposed to fan girl all over this bloke in the books – I can’t really see that with the new guy.

Dany Two Swords

Dany’s story this episode was rather light, GreyWorm and Daario fighting for her affection and her coming to the shock realisation that her dragons aren’t so little anymore – they are growing bigger, stronger and independent. Soon they won’t need their mother.

The handsome Jon Snow has returned to the Night’s Watch and has offered some valuable information regarding a battle that saved his neck. The Wildlings have reluctantly teamed up with the Thenn a cannibalistic group of warriors to unite in battle against The Wall.

I think the biggest impact of the episode was felt with The Hound and Arya Stark plot. The dynamic between the two is fascinating to watch, both steely and hardened as Arya proves her sense of justice as she murders Polliver in revenge and reclaims Needle. I look forward to seeing this relationship played out on screen throughout the season.

Overall I think this episode was a great introduction to the season it gave us a good overview of what’s going on across all the lands and the major players in the Game of Thrones. 

What did you think of “Two Swords” the premiere of Season 4 for Game of Thrones? Were you left satisfied after the painful hiatus? Let me know below!

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