GIG REVIEW: ATLien Big Boi blows Brisbane away

Big Boi from Outkast fame tours Australia

Big Boi aka Antwan André Patton the Savannah, Georgia native blessed my city with his 100% unique sounding southern rap last night. I don’t think there is anyone in the southern rap game (yes Lil Wayne and Cash Money I am talking to you) better than Big Boi and Andre 3000 for producing eargasmic beats with such a rich, soulful and regionally true sound (right down to the state). A close second would most definitely go to Goodie Mob fellow Georgians (anticipating the new album hard).

The first thing I noticed was how many white people there were there. As a sista, I had no idea that Big Boi had such a big mainstream following. Outkast are a very niche style of rap, it’s Southern with influences from the black gospel church and features African American experience/history post-civil rights, blues and jazz music with synthesised funk, bass, auto-tune and a full band (and much more).

Big Boi bought with him a full band, two trumpeters decked out in red Adidas tracksuits, a guitarist, drummer and DJ. I have always loved how Outkast have integrated the Southern sounds of the marching bands (think Morris Brown” featuring a cameo from the wonderful Janelle Monae) into their music and I was thrilled to see Big Boi bring that to Brisbane.


Big Boi Image: C. Sing

He played classic Outkast tracks such as “Rosa Parks,” “So Fresh, So Clean,” “Ms Jackson”  and “B.O.B” at the beginning of the set warming the crowd up nicely. He performed tracks from the early Outkast days from “Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik.” Big Boi then moved onto as he called it, his “new shit” blasting tracks from “Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty” his first solo album since “Speakerboxx.” “Shutterbug” as predicted was received very well by the fans with plenty of crowd jumping, this girl near knocking herself out in front of me hitting her head on my camera. “General Patton” blew me away live, the brass and gospel singing gave me chills.

Big Boi bought up girls onto the stage for “Tangerine” one of my favourite tracks on “Sir Luscious Left Foot.” No shade, but I would have liked to have seen some sistas up there shaking their tambourines instead of the white girls up there who liked like they were twelve, but hey fans are fans right?

Theophilus London Image: C. Sing

I was very impressed by the supporting act Theophilus London who I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of before. His sound is a delicious hybrid of electro and rap (similiar to the likes of Dizzee Rascal). Ironically, I saw Theophilus London and his crew earlier in the day at my 9 to 5 while running an errand. They were walking the streets of our city and I instantly knew they were with Big Boi, they did not look like locals and my inkling was confirmed as I saw him take the stage. Will most definitely be checking out his music.

I really liked how Big Boi didn’t do too much talking between tracks as some artists do which can cause the gig to lose it’s momentum and can quite frankly be annoying. Although Big Boi is an artist in his own right, I would have really liked to have seen André join him. A notable absence for me were the tracks, “The Rooster” and “Bowtie.”


Big Boi absolutely killed it and his Brisbane fans were showing him much love last night at The Tivoli. After last night’s gig, I am convinced to add Atlanta, Georgia to my Southern US Trip next year (made specifically for Mardi Gras in New Orleans) to check out the ATLien influences which shape his sound. Y’all come back now Big Boi! Oh and Dre, I hate golliwogs too Lord knows why they are making a resurgence in popular culture (Big Boi complained on Twitter about the presence of golliwogs in New Zealand), my people (Aboriginal) aren’t fond of them either and with good reason.


Big Boi DJ on decks Image: C. Sing

Did you go to Big Boi’s gig in Australia? What did you think? Comment below!

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I’m outchea! 😉

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