GIG REVIEW: Janet Jackson #1’s Tour, Gold Coast, Australia

On November 2 2011, I saw the incomparable Miss Janet Jackson in concert on the Gold Coast. I was too young when the Velvet Rope Tour first came to Australia, however that album remains my favourite to this day. I was truly blown away by her performance and ability to entertain while dancing AND singing and keeping it sexy (yeah that’s sexy, sexy, sexy….)


I had my reservations about having the concert at The Gold Coast Convention Centre as I had never been to a gig in that venue and was expecting her to  go to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, however I was very pleasantly surprised at how suited the venue was to the more intimate performance. Our seats which cost us $200 were close to the stage and at a great vantage point, I honestly believe you could have bought a $65 ticket and had just as good concert experience due to the seating layout of the venue.

I walked into the venue and no lie I would say about 90% of the crowd were gay men (inclusive of my gorgeous men Mr Black Cat and Mr Buff). It was the polar opposite of when I went to the Pink gig with a 90% lesbian crowd.

The Skorpion planted the seed

Having listened to Kevin from The Skorpion Show (if you haven’t checked their show out on YouTube I highly recommend you do) who is a huge Janet Jackson fan, I knew I was in for a hell of a performance, however I didn’t expect for her to be dancing on stage as much as she did. She seemed so energised by her fans despite only just arriving back in Australia after leaving post-Perth performance to attend her late brother Michael Jackson’s trial in the USA.

Controversy surrounding tour

It has been a ‘troubled’ tour according to Australian media, with Miss Jackson cancelling a Sydney show due to illness (instructed to rest her vocals), bad traffic and consolidating two Melbourne shows into one. It has left a lot of fans down south very disappointed, I am just grateful that I seemingly saw her at her peak performance.

Song for the Gold Coast

Janet dedicates one of her number one hits (Janet only performed her songs that reached number one on the charts on the #1’s Tour) to each city she tours. For the Gold Coast she chose my all time favourite Janet Jackson track “Got Til It’s Gone” ft. Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell. 

Janet Jackson Got Till It's Gone track dedicated to the Gold Coast

The Support Act

The support act were a dancing act (and who are dabbling in singing now) The Justice Crew from “Australia’s Got Talent” fame. I was feeling fairly lacklustre about them (WHY couldn’t we have John Legend as support like the US were rumoured to have?!)  until they busted out moves to The Village People hits, “YMCA,” “Macho Man,” and “In The Navy” (shout out to Mr Fancye) the crowd went wild, it MAY have something to do with the majority gay male crowd, I’m not quite sure…

Justice Crew Janet Jackson, Gold Coast support act


Janet took the stage wearing grey washed out jeans with a diamond skull belt, black tee, white crop studded jacket, combat boots, black jewelled cuff bracelets, diamond suspenders, and dark grey nails. Her hair was short and wavy. She was looking fit and healthy.

The Set

The set lasted for almost two hours. From memory she performed:

  •  “Got Til It’s Gone” featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell
  • “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”
  • “The Pleasure Principle”
  • “Feedback” (my jammmmm)
  • “Nasty” (I look up to see Mr Buff singing at the top of his lungs to his favourite Janet track)
  • “Control”
  • “Miss You Much”
  • “Rhythm Nation”
  • “Come Back To Me”
  • “Let’s Wait A While”
  • “Again”
  • “Love Will Never Do Without You”
  • “That’s The Way Love Goes” (Miss C damn near lost her cool on this track)
  • “If” (ooo the dance moves!)
  • “Scream” featuring Michael Jackson
  • “Together Again” (nearly cried with the dedication and images displayed of Michael Jackson)
  • “I Get Lonely”
  • “What’s It Gonna Be?” featuring Busta Rhymes
  • “Someone To Call My Lover”
  • “Call On Me” featuring Nelly
  • “All Nite”
  • “All For You” (Miss C DID lose her cool on this track, hell we all did leaping up out our chairs and dancing)

I was taken aback at how many number one hits she actually had with her performing  twenty plus live tracks at this gig. I was disappointed she didn’t sing “Black Cat one of my favourites and I don’t recall that she played “Escapade” or “Runaway” another two of my favourites.

The Verdict

She danced her ass off and sang the whole time with only brief breaks. She flipped that hair and worked that body of hers with her eight or so backup dancers. It was a high energy performance and she exuded sex appeal. My only criticism is that I would have liked to have seen her do some costume changes.

These young female artists today *side eyes Nicki Minaj* could really learn from the iconic Janet Jackson. Learn to sing, dance and be sexy WITHOUT showing and singing incessantly about your cooka, ass and tatas at every given chance.

I am so glad that I went to the #1’s Tour because this was probably the last tour she will do in  Australia. She well and truly proved to us Australians why she is a pop icon and justified the raves about her live performances.

Growing up with the Jacksons

liked Janet Jackson even in my formative dance years. At the age of five as a dancer (I started at age three), I remember one of ‘the big girls’ doing a dance to “Black Cat” at the end of year eisteddfod.

I remember choreographing dance productions to “Runaway” from the 1995 “Design of a Decade” album at the age of eleven years old. I would round up the kids next door and take over the creative production, auditions (slim pickings with my impossible standards) and choreography. I vaguely remember brown bed sheets being involved, screaming at an ‘underperforming’ dancer, and practicing all weekend long in a garage and performing in front of our parents.

She’s always been known for her incredible dancing ability I can imagine there would be many people out there just like me, who have fond memories of dancing to Janet Jackson (along with her brother Michael’s music) over the last three decades.

The Jackson’s have featured throughout my upbringing with Mum and Dad Fancye owning Jackson Five’s LPs on vinyl, Michael Jackson’s“Off The Wall,” and “Thriller” and even Jermaine Jackson’s records. My Mum owned the “Making ofThriller” video tape which at my young age was terrifying to watch, and a Michael Jackson Thriller doll.

“True You” 

I enjoyed the concert so much I went out and bought her biographical book “True You” which canvasses her life lessons and self journey. I wanted to know more about Janet as a person beyond the public stage figure we’ve all come to love over the  last thirty years. If you are a Janet fan I encourage you to pick up a copy from leading bookstores.

“All For You” video footage (Prin222):

Video footage from the Adelaide gig probably the closest you can get to being there (Corryt32):

Check the Janet Jackson images below:

Image: Kate Czerny

Janet Jackson, Gold Coast performing "Rhythm Nation"

Janet Jackson performing Scream, Gold Coast, 2 Nov

Image: Kate Czerny

Have you been to any Janet Jackson concerts? What did you think? I’d love to hear your childhood memories growing up with the Jackson music. Comment below or Tweet me!

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  1. Mr Black Cat says

    Had to listen to the whole #1s album again after this concert. Im surprised Janet kept it together when she was singing “together again” I nearly lost it too lol

  2. hollysagemini says

    Great review…knew I should have went! Everyone is raving about it, glad glad Janet’s STILL got it goin on!

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