GIG REVIEW: Philadelphia native Eve proves she’s “got what we need” in Brisbane


Before Nicki Minaj there was Eve. The princess of rap from Ruff Ryders fame. Last night I checked out Eve at The Hamilton Hotel and was really blown away by her live rapping ability and swagger to match.

Where’s Eve been?

Eve has been busy in television and film over the last few years explaining her absence from the music charts, however, it is reported amongst several sources that she is releasing the album “Lip Lock” which was put on hold for release in 2012. But don’t be fooled into thinking that has affected her rapping ability, Eve proved to us last night she was still in the game. 

The gig kicked off with guest DJ Maxwell andHopey One a female New Zealand beatboxer.

She took the stage at 11.15pm rocking black pants, a black lace singlet top, diamond necklace and earrings, grey beret, brown straight long hair, red nails and a sexy blood red lipstick. Eve is beautiful and has a banging bod and vocal ability with a sexy, classy confidence that I believe really sets her apart from other wannabe and established female rappers.

The Set

Eve spat the following tracks:

  • Got What You Need”
  • “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (ft Gwen Stefani)
  • “Who’s That Girl”
  • “Gangsta Lovin” (ft Alicia Keys)
  • “Tambourine”
  • “One Thing” – Amerie ft Eve
  • “My Chick Bad Remix” – Ludacris (ft Diamond, Trina, Eve) 
  • “Everyday Coolin” -Swizz Beatz  ft Eve
  • “Give It To You” (ft Sean Paul)
  • “Like This” – Kelly Rowland ft Eve
Eve live sounded amazing, she sounded BETTER than on her albums I couldn’t fault her lyrical performance. She got the crowd hyphy, she was interactive, between tracks her DJ blasted that horn noise and she would talk to the DJ and would repeat, “oh word?” “okay!” “let’s do it!” Memorable tracks that had me bumping in the crowd included “My Chick Bad,” “Tambourine,” “Got What You Need,” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind.”  A notable performance absence for me was “Satisfaction” I really loved that track from her album “Eve-olution.” 
She left the stage at midnight, totalling a forty-five minute set.

Crowd Reception

The crowd went crazy on her arrival and I was shoved and poked and pushed from every which way, which I am not used to, as a tall person I am normally fine standing my ground near the stage along with my peeps Ed and Nick who are vertically blessed also. The venue was not as bad as I had initially thought it would be (it’s basically a pub with a club area upstairs) which will host Naughty by Nature on tour next month. The crowd in attendance were generally around my age mid twenties and predominantly female, again like at the Big Boi I was really surprised at how many white people were there (and that knew all the damn lyrics too, of which one girl in front of me kept turning around to sing the lyrics to me almost to affirm how big of a fan she was). Someone took Eve’s line from “Let Me Blow Ya Mind, ‘drop ya glasses, shake ya asses’ line a little too literally as I dodged a smashed beer glass on the club floor.

 Apologies for the audio distortion, but here is a short clip of Eve performing “Tambourine.”

Ticket Prices

I paid $53 to see Eve but yet again, I was very annoyed to find out upon arrival that they were selling tickets at the door for a limited time at Two-For-The-Price-Of-One. I feel really strongly about artist/gig promoters and venues underselling the original ticket price towards or on the gig date, and I will post my views on this in the near future. I felt what I paid for this gig was well worth the outstanding performance Eve delivered in Brisbane last night. If Eve is coming to your Australian city, I strongly encourage you to pick up some tickets, click >HERE< for tour dates.

Check out an interview with Eve regarding marriage, her thoughts on Aussie fashion, music and culture:

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Eve well and truly showed us that this Philly rapper “has got what we need” now girl GIVE US MORE!

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