GIG REVIEW: “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy” Tour: Joe live in Brisbane

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Thirty-nine year old R&B singer Joe Thomas bought his “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy Tour” (his new album title) to The Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane, Australia 9 September. My girlfriend and I fronted up to see the sexy crooner and I was anticipating a hella good show as my favourite blog ConcreteLoop  had given him a good review from a show he did for the Singers Room. 

The Good

The brotha’s vocals were on point, buttery and smooth just like on his albums. I could not fault him on this. His talent clearly has not diminished with age and his notable absence from the spotlight. I appreciated that Joe opened up by informing us of his background: he was from Georgia (a fact I did not know) went to school in Alabama and grew up singing gospel in the church. I am not sure how the church would feel about his sexual lyrics though…

The Bad

I have seen Joe perform in concert many years ago at The Arena and was very pleased I was hoping for an equally pleasant if not better concert experience. Sadly for the $73 I paid to see Joe in this tiny venue, I walked away feeling ripped off. I was even more upset that tickets were rumoured to be sold at the door for $50 and then lowered to $20 due to poor ticket sales. If I had paid one of the latter amounts I probably wouldn’t have felt so duped.

The reason I felt ripped off, was because his set was so short. He sung approximately seven songs in total that I can recall including two from his new album. If I’m paying $70+, I want you to go right back through your album catalogue. I know nearly all of his songs growing up listening to it being played by my Mum so I was truly let down that he didn’t perform more of his classic tracks.

I was disappointed that Joe didn’t have any supporting artists, we have local R&B talent and I would have liked to seen that showcased. Recently genre cousins Brian McKnight and Dwele were here and they managed to have a brilliant local artist support them on their tour. Instead we had a DJ spinning tracks, which I didn’t dislike, I was  just expecting another R&B artist to support as is common practice.

The Sexy

Joe is still sexy even though he is getting on except the fact that he is pretty damn short as my girl pointed out which resulted in a mutual exchange of facial looks that read:  “oh hell no..he’s too short! that ain’t hot!” He came out in a dapper looking suit with sunglasses on (WHY do artists do this?! You can’t see jack!) and really got the ladies riled up, screaming for him. I saw one hardcore female Joe fan actually try to fight a dude with an SLR camera (assumably from the media) who wanted to move up near her to take photos of Joe from the front near the stage! Girl have several seats, he was just trying to do his job. There wasn’t as many men at this gig as there was at Brian McKnight and Dwele, but I was really surprised at how many men were pushing up on us ladies to try and film him performing. I’m like seriously?! YOU’RE A MAN. He ain’t singing to you…he only has eyes for the ladies.

Joe came at us with a line about touching the soil in Australia, and that he was “keen to plant some seeds” (insert Fancye eye roll here), brotha pleaseeee you’re sexy, but that would have been better unsaid.

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Despite me feeling ripped off, Joe did perform very well I just felt that he should have performed a lot more songs than what he delivered. I think the promoters of these artists coming out here have a lot to answer for when selecting appropriate venues. It can really ruin a performance for a fan and it’s not fair on the artist either.

Ultimately I will get Joe’s new album “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy” album on it’s release date of September 27 as he is still is a great artist despite his performance let down. Check out his new video for his single off the album, “Losing You.”

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