Heavenly Creature M.A.C Collection

Heavenly Creature Collection

M.A.C have released their Heavenly Creature collection online and is available in stores from July 5th in North America.

The Heavenly Creature collection is a huge collection filled with all mineralize formula powder products and includes some very safe lipsticks and Cremesheens – which has me very interested. I’ll be steering clear of the eyeshadows but I like the look of the mineralize blushes and skinfinishes.

I am particularly tickled by Ring of Saturn, Light Year, Centre of the Universe, Cut A Caper and Strictly Plutonic.

Peep the colour selection of the Heavenly Creature collection below (there are a few brushes and skincare items too in this collection):

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Mineralize Blushes

 USD $23.50

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Blushes

L-R Top: Solar Ray; Supernova.
Bottom: Stratus; Ring of Saturn.

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Skinfinishes

USD $29.00

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Skinfinishes

L-R Top: Light Year; Star Wonder.
Bottom: Centre of the Universe; Earthshine.

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Eyeshadows

USD $20.00

Heavenly Creature Eyeshadows

L-R Top: Invincible Light; Bright Moon
Bottom: Aurora; Earthly.

Heavenly Creature Eyeshadows

Top row: Nebula; Magnetic Attraction.
Middle Row: Water; Sky.
Bottom: Universal Appeal.

 M.A.C Heavenly Creature Lipsticks

USD $14.50

Heavenly Creature Lipsticks

L-R: Cusp of Dawn; Venus; Fire Sign; Pleasureseeker; Cut A Caper.

M.A.C Heavenly Creature Cremesheens

USD $19.50

Heavenly Creature Cremesheen

L-R: Astral; Celestial Kiss; Galaxy Rose; Meteoric; Strictly Plutonic.

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Will YOU be picking up anything from the M.A.C Heavenly Creature collection?


Miss Fancye



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