HYFR – Drake ft. Lil Wayne: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW


“HYFR” is the second music video to come out on Good Friday from Drake. This one unlike “Take Care”  is thebomb.com. 


“Do you love this sh*t?” Ahh yes Drake I do! This is one of my favourite songs from the album“Take Care.” The music video for “HYFR” is a celebration of Drake’s Jewish faith at his bar mitzvah – how ridiculously cute is he as a child?! AWWW! In my opinion this video is bawse compared to “Take Care.” I have previously written about the meaning of “HYFR.” 



Drake gets re-bar mitzvah’d and has all his friends with him in the synagogue (Drake’s father is African American and mother is Jewish) at the end of the religious proceedings it’s time to party and who is Drake without his crew? Trey Songz, DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne are at the spot. Weezy has on a crazy knitted animal face mask and appears faded as hell.

I love, love, loveeeeee the red knitted OVO crew sweater he has on I would buy one of those in an instant if they were for sale. The varsity jacket worn by DJ Khaled is also drool worthy. I don’t know why Drake doesn’t sell official merchandise outside of the OVO festival and on tour – girl’s would loveee to wear a piece of Drizzy. I have a Drake tee thanks to a wonderful friend who saw him in New Orleans at the Voodoo Festival. 

The liquor gets to flowing and the guests get a little crazy somehow Weezy ends up with his shirt off – pretty sure that ain’t allowed in the church. Drake gets to chatting up a pretty girl who probably starts asking too many questions and he shuts her up with a kiss.

What I wouldn’t give to be at that celebration…


The Verdict

“HYFR”  is the polar opposite of “Take Care” and I am so glad it is – because I was not feeling that video concept. I love the party atmosphere and I was pleasantly surprised to see that his Jewish faith was prominently featured – I am so accustomed to seeing Christianity referenced in rap and hiphop tracks. Big ups to Drake for this one.



What do YOU think of the music video for “HYFR” by Drake?


Miss Fancye




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