It All Belongs To Me – Brandy & Monica: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW


“It All Belongs To Me” is the latest single and video effort from former R&B princesses Brandy and Monicathe question is will it have the same success as “The Boy Is Mine?”


It’s been more than fourteen years since we’ve heard from Brandy or Monica together on the charts. Brandy has had lukewarm success since their last collaborative track “The Boy Is Mine” while Monica has apparently performed relatively better.

The 90’s divas have re-united to collaborate on “It All Belongs To Me” perhaps in the effort to recreate the Grammy winning success they had back then. The song is moving away from fighting over a man as per “The Boy Is Mine” to a tag team female empowering ‘I’ma kick your ass to the curb’ anthem. Think of a hybrid between Destiny’s Child “Irreplaceable” and Beyonce’s “Independent Women” and you have Brandy and Monica’s “It All Belongs To Me.”

The track has had a lukewarm reception, it definitely doesn’t have that pizzazz that “The Boy Is Mine” did and people WILL compare it to that.

According to Trent from The Lava Lizard:

“it will be included on Monica’s ‘New Life’ album, which hits stores on April 10th. An alternate arrangement will also be issued via Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ album in June.”




The first thing I noticed in this Chris Robinson directed video is that both Brandy and Monica looked hot! Adored the outfits, the makeup was beat as hell, and I love the lighter hair on Monica.

All the things that belong to the ladies include a MacBook, cars, jewellery, clothes that they have so generously given their man with their riches. Things turn sour in the relationship and they suddenly want it all back – with a vengeance…

The exploding car at the end of “It All Belongs To Me” took me by surprise but I found myself cheering them on.

Ladies, we all have had those times where we have just wanted to have the gusto to go absolutely birko on a man acting the fool (but it’s been too expensive or incurred a mess we would have to clean up) – l suggest you live this moment vicariously through Brandy and Monica’s vengeful acts.

I am not really sure why women of Brandy and Monica’s beauty, independence and wealth would want a bum brotha that didn’t have ‘his’ to start with, I’m just saying(yes – I know it’s only a song).


Watch “It All Belongs To Me” by Brandy and Monica below:




It is a visually impressive video that adds to the appeal of the song and adds a little more dimension to a pretty lacklustre track. I believe “It All Belongs To Me” will grow on me through the addition of the music video.

On it’s own – it’s just a materialistic song emphasising the fact that ‘I want my stuff back which I bought your loser ass.’


What do you think of the music video for “It All Belongs To Me?” Hit or miss?


Miss Fancye



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