I love me some Kid Fury on his YouTube channel TheFuryTV.


I first saw Kid Fury through his hilarious blog So Furious. In an interview he reveals he has been blogging for going on seven years –  a long time coming till he finally got his recognition – he now is a permanent blogger on Vibe magazine’s website –

Go ahead with your “easy breezy beautiful bad bitch” self boo and get that fame!


Who is Kid Fury?

He is a young, gay black male (I believe of Jamaican descent) who lives in Miami, and is probably the best shade hurler I have EVER seen. The way he cuts celebrities with his words is priceless and some like the R&B irrelevant Cassie (who now allegedly dates Diddy – who’s technically old enough to be her father *gags*) even watch him on YouTube.  

Kid Fury loves Beyoncé, is married to J. Cole and he also has a soft spot for our local gal Iggy Azalea *fist pumps*.

He offers up commentary on all sorts of things in popular culture his illustrative descriptions and thoughts on musicians being my personal favourite.

The Fury is very clever and quick and you have to listen carefully to catch the full magnitude of his shade. 



The Fury ain’t just for YouTube

He initially had Furious Thoughts videos which were random topics and he also featured videos on his workplace with one memorable video whereby his fanbase called into his place of employment in droves – which resulted in his immediate termination.

His videos are great as they add another level of hilarity and personality to his already humorous opinions. Kid Fury’s blog is one I regularly read and he often inspires content in my posts – he writes very colourfully and offers a very unique and special spin on pop culture which is the reason why I love him so much.

Not only is Kid Fury on YouTube and in the blogosphere – he is very active on Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler. 

I have interacted with him on Twitter before – he is very approachable and funny and someone you NEED on your timeline to perk up your mood and keep on top of all things celeb (aside from me that is).

His entrepreneurial tail has recently expanded to include t-shirts coining his slogan “easy breezy beautiful bad bitch” which you can purchase online at his store ShopKidFury.  

If you aren’t already onto the wonder and foolery that is Kid Fury you need to check his shady tail out for your damn self. Peep some classic Fury on the videos below and if you like what you see – be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel: 



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What do you think of Kid Fury?


Miss Fancye


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