Kim Kardashian lip look NARS Turkish Delight and M.A.C Hue review

Kim Kardashian is famous for her gorgeous soft pink glossy lip. I’ll admit it, I have Kim lip envy so I just had to find out what products she was using to achieve this look. I dug around on YouTube and the beauty blogs and found out she wears: 

  • M.A.C Stripdown Lip Liner;
  • M.A.C Angel Lipstick (soft pink) (Frost);
  • NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss.

I purchased one of the above  products and that is NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss

  • M.A.C Hue soft pale pink (Glaze);
  • M.A.C Innocence Beware! semi-opaque pink nude (Cremesheen) from the limited edition “Venomous Villains” collection released last year.

I have never used lip liner in the past but that’s not to say I won’t, I have only really started wearing lipsticks in the last year or so, I am a lip gloss kinda girl. But in the near future I will purchase M.A.C Stripdown ($30 AUD and $14 USD).

** I have since bought Stripdown and I actually do not like it underneath Angel, I have recently started using M.A.C Soar lip liner and it is much better for my lip colour, much more pink, Stripdown is really brown.


Product Review

M.A.C Hue ($36.00 AUD and $14.50 USD) is a glaze meaning it has a wet gloss finish to it which I really like, and application is very smooth. I purchased this last year in NY after I asked the M.A.C MUA for a nude lip alternative to M.A.C Creme’d Nude which I found was too concealer and dead like to me, I had to put in too much work to bring my lips warmth with gloss it hardly seemed worth a re-purchase despite loving the cremesheen finish. M.A.C describes Hue as a soft pink, I find it quite similar to my lip colour but lighter. I highly recommend this colour to women who want a pink nude lip everyday look who run screaming away from bubble gum pink lipsticks (like I do, *side eyes Viva Glam Gaga 1*).

Fancye scale: 4.5 / 5 


I won’t talk about M.A.C Innocence Beware! lipstick because it is a limited edition product that you can longer purchase.

NARS Turkish Delight ($55 AUD and $24 USD) is a sheer pink sherbert coloured lipgloss. It is non-sticky and the packaging is very sleek. On it’s own, it is quite sheer and if you want to achieve that soft pink glaze you really have to build it up with layers which would mean you’d be using a lot of product and in Australia at $55 a tube it’s an expensive way to get the Kim look, you would go through it pretty quick if you didn’t pair it with a pink lipstick that gives you the base tone. Turkish Delight is pretty dupeable it’s not a must have to achieve this Kim look, I own M.A.C Tinted Lipglass in Underage which is a soft pale pink with subtle shimmer and it’s cheaper at $35 AUD and $14.50 USD. However, I probably will repurchase because I love the longevity of wear and how it really glides on in application.

Fancye scale: 3 / 5




Lip preparation

WARNING: To wear soft pink lips you must have exfoliated your lips prior to product application. You need to do this because the lighter lipsticks and glosses tend to accentuate lip imperfections. I have a Clarisonic skin cleansing tool (it is similar in function to an electric toothbrush) and I find it effectively buffs off dead skin, however a soft toothbrush or damp face washer are effective too.

I like to pat on some Carmex before I start putting my make up on and that moisturises and primes my lips for a flawless application.


Product application

I wipe off the excess Carmex and I, like Kim Kardashian pat on my lipstick (as per the video below fast forward to 4mins 12secs for her lip product application) I purse my lips and then slick on a coat of NARS Turkish Delight. Voila! My Fancye spin on the Kim Kardashian lip look.

Peep the photos below.

M.A.C Hue lipstick

NARS Turkish Delight

Kim Kardashian lip look Fancye style

Kim Kardashian lip look Fancye styleCheck out how Kim Kardashian achieves her famous pink pout in the below video fast forward to 4 minutes and 12 seconds to see the lip section.

You can buy NARS Turkish Delight in Australia from Mecca Cosmetica HERE or in the United States or Canada from NARS Cosmetics HERE. 

Australians you can buy M.A.C at Myer, David Jones and standalone counters or online HERE and United States or Canadian readers you can buy M.A.C online from HERE. 

Miss Fancye


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