Kim Kardashian sexy music video for “Jam Turn It Up” leaked

Kim Kardashian Porn Take Two (well close to it)

Does anyone remember that flop of a song Kim Kardashian released produced by The Dream (who normally doesn’t produce epic flops like “Jam Turn It Up”)? Well the unreleased video has been leaked.

From watching it, my impression was ‘this ish is PORN?!’ She is soaking wet, her hair, her skin, she’s getting about in a pink bikini bottom with panning ass shots. Kimmie girl, yeah nooooo….you need to quit with the singing and didn’t you learn from Ray-J that filming that kind of sexy video can only lead to it getting into the wrong hands? I am disappointed that Kim preaches about wanting to be taken seriously by avoiding wearing next to nothing and flaunting herself then this surfaces. Tsk, tsk, shame on you Kim.

What are your thoughts on the leaked video, “Jam Turn It Up”?

Miss Fancye



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