Lap dance montage: Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Rihanna

It’s official: 2011 is the year of the lap dance. Musicians are giving them out like lollies. Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Rihanna are some of the biggest (and hottest) culprits. They have been captured giving lap dances to many lucky male and female recipients throughout 2011. Let’s go through the chronology with the offending footage shall we?

March 2011  Trey Songz  at the “Passion, Pain and Pleasure Tour” he opened for Usher (who STILL is the king of sexy) this is technically not a lap dance but up close and intimate enough to be in the ball park. I should know, I was a few hundred metres away from the offending act and was blushing along & screaming along with my girl EK. Note ladies: Trigga is the sexiest man on the young R&B scene right now and his concerts and music are R rated (I couldn’t believe people bought their little kids to his concert) if he is ever in your city, I highly recommend you attend to cop an eyeful of this hot piece (plus his singing off the chain). 😉

April 2011  Nicki Minaj gave a lap dance to two US soldiers on Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” Tour in Dallas (not quite sure why they are still in uniform for a concert?)  Nicki definitely gave the troops a morale boost 😉

June 2011  Rihanna on the “Loud Tour” giving a girl a lap dance in Baltimore. A bit weak in my opinion “Skin” is sooo damn sexy I think Rih could have bought it a little stronger than that!

 June 2011  Chris Brown performing “Take You Down” at SummerJam in the US (unsure of which city this one was in) fast forward to 2 min 35 secs to get to the lap action. Breezy has performed this one a lot in previous tours. The girl is pretty but boring, she doesn’t even seem enthused about it!

August 2011  Nicki Minaj gives Drake her fellow label mate a lap dance in Toronto but he is an exception to the three rules (arms behind your back, mouth shut and legs wide open) and he gets to make out with Miss Minaj. Woo WOO!

 I think Trey Songz and Chris Brown seem a bit more hands on in getting sexy and intimate on stage, but maybe this is related to their gender (then again some females can get pretty crazy with their male idols!).

I like how Nicki made ground rules for her lap dances (but conveniently broke them Drizzy) it ensured she was kept safe as a performing artist and demonstrated she was a strong woman who calls the shots. Barbie certainly has the physique down to deliver the sensual art of lap dancing with that big booty. That donk should have it’s own damn postcode. 

Hands down celebrity lap dance winner for me would be Trey Songz (no shade to the others), he knows how to work up the ladies and make them feel special and as a male R&B artist, who’s music is predominantly about sex, I think he backs up his alleged bedroom prowess with the connection he makes with his fans: “this could be you ladies….” Yupppppp…right. 😉

What do you think of the uptake of young celebrity on-stage lap dancing? Hot or not? Who do you think was the best? Leave your comments below or Tweet me.

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