Watch “Love and Hip Hop” Season 2 Episode 1: Still Look Pretty

“Love and Hip Hop” Season 2 is back and if you aren’t familiar with this VH1 TV show check the cast below:

The cast of Love and Hip Hop Season 2 include Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones longtime girlfriend/”fiancee”), Olivia Longott (who used to be with 50 Cent & G-Unit and is now trying to become a solo act) and Somaya “Boss” Reese (who is trying to launch a successful) rap career, model Kimberly “Kimbella” Vanderhee (Juelz Santana’s baby mama) and Jim Jones’ manager Yandy Smith.

Similar to the “Basketball Wives” concept “Love and Hip Hop” stars women who are married or involved with men in the hip hop industry or are trying to become artists in their own right. It is full of drama and tea sipping moments.

“Love and Hip Hop” Season 2, Episode 1 check it below:



What do you think of “Love and Hip Hop” Season 2 Episode 1?


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