M.A.C October Haul Review

This month my girl Miss C and I received a big order from M.A.C so half of these items are mine and half are hers. We’re a bad influence on each other when it comes to buying more make up then we probably need *slaps my wrist.*  Miss C is an NC45 and NC42 in concealer so to my sistas rockin NC/NW’s in the 40s, that deep delicious caramel skintone these products are going to look hot on you. I haven’t swatched Miss C’s products because I wasn’t about to open a sista’s products up before she does!

I’ll list my items first then I’ll show you photo’s of Miss C’s swag.

Here are pictures of the haul split into two:


I bought this to store my makeup essentials in my handbag while I’m out and on the go. I really like the signature silver ring pull and the material as it’s easy to clean in the event of spilled products (which has happened to me numerous times *side eyes M.A.C tube glosses*) It fits a lot of makeup including my staples: mirror compact, face powder, powder brush, eyelash curler, mascara, concealer, Carmex, lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss.

USD $28.00 / AUD $42.00

Fancye Scale: 5 / 5



I bought this because it is Khloe Kardashian’s favourite eye pencil and I had run out of my previous Maybelline one. I also thought it would be good to use on my waterline as the gel liner just comes right off. I’ve taken to applying it with an angled eye brush rather than going straight in with the pencil itself, which kind of defeats the purpose of using it on the upper lid in terms of effort may as well grab my M.A.C Blacktrack Fluidline. Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

USD $15.00 / AUD $32.00

Fancye Scale: 3 / 5



I bought ‘Stripdown’ to wear underneath my lipsticks in fact, it is the first lip liner I have ever owned and this particular one came to fame via Kim Kardashian. She wears it under ‘Angel’ lipstick (which I bought recently and will post about shortly) with NARS ‘Turkish Delight’ gloss. I posted about how to get the Kim Kardashian lip look previously. 

‘Stripdown’ is a creamy brown-beige and is very soft and creates a great base for lighter lipsticks which can be a bit harder for women of colour to wear on their own, and it’s also great under bright lipsticks to tone them down a little.Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

USD $14.00 / AUS $30.00

Fancye scale: 4.5  / 5 



‘Freckletone’ is a neutral peach shade with a lustre finish. This is a re-purchase, it’s my go to warm nude shade for my NC35 skin. It applies very smoothly (not melty though like Cremesheens) and looks very nice paired with M.A.C ‘C-Thru’ Lipglass.  Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

USD $ 14.00 / AUD $36.00

Fancye scale: 5 / 5



‘Vegas Volt’ is a full power coral with an Amplified Creme finish. It is very vibrant and for those intimidated by colour perhaps you could try a more subdued lippie in the coral family which I also own, ‘Ravishing.’ Alternatively apply ‘Vegas Volt’ with a light hand and smudge it across with your fingers wearing it like a lip stain. Colour lovers and sistas, you are going to love this colour. Warning: Bright lips are high maintenance so perhaps skip out on VV’ if you can’t touch up frequently. It’s a statement colour so keep your eye and lip look rather neutral. Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

 USD $14.50 / AUD $36.00

 Fancye scale: 4 / 5


‘Peachstock’ is a paler nude with a matte like Satin Finish. It’s a better nude for when I’m a little more pale in the colder months whereas ‘Freckletone’ is best when I am rocking a glowing tan.  This was released in the M.A.C Me Over Collection and was previously released in the Liberty of London Collection and sold out quickly everywhere. Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

USD $14.50 / AUD $36.00 

Fancye scale: 4 / 5



‘Margin’ would be the best item out of my haul. The soft peach and gold colour payoff and irridescent shimmer makes this Frost Finish blush a stunning shade. It is the perfect blush for Spring/Summer to give me a healthy soft glow. For people who love Mineralize Blushes and the light reflecting glowy cheek which characterise them, ‘Margin’ is a must have for your collection. I keep wondering why I waited so long to add this unique colour to my kit! Check out a swatch on the M.A.C website HERE. 

USD $16.50 / AUD (unavailable to buy in pan form)

Fancye scale: 5 / 5 



‘Knight Devine’ is a black with silver pearl and is the beautiful finish Veluxe Pearl. However disappointingly, I find the application of this eye shadow quite difficult to work with, it doesn’t glide on very smoothly. I bought this because Kim Kardashian likes to do smokey grey eyes with it. I predominantly do smokey eyes with the cult favourite ‘Satin Taupe’ so I thought what better time to branch out, it  is also in the same silver family as ‘Electra’ which I own and never know what to do with. Hopefully I can get ‘Knight Devine’ to work for me with a little trial and error. Check out the swatch on the M.A.C website HERE.

USD $11.50 / AUD Unavailable to buy in pan form

Fancye scale: 2.5 / 5

 Below are photos of Miss C’s M.A.C swag, apologies for the blurry photography in some images I was too hyphy to try out my products! 



USD $15.00 / AUD $33.00

Check out the eyeshadow swatches HERE.


I own ‘Woodwinked’ it’s a MUST HAVE for medium to deep skintones. It is so buttery smooth to apply and is a gorgeous tarnished gold colour see it swatched below  in my palette. I am obsessed right now with applying it over the top of my latest M.A.C Paint Pot in ‘Indianwood,’ a bronze/gold cream eyeshadow it makes ‘Woodwinked really pop and stays put all day long crease free. Great choice Miss C!



‘Jealousy Wakes’ is a limited edition eyeshadow exclusively sold online by North American M.A.C within the “Blogger’s Obsession” collection a very dope release designed solely by big time American beauty bloggers. They chose what product (eyeshadow or lipglass) they wanted to create, the colour, the formula, the finish and naming it they were all hands on in creating their dream product. What an amazing opportunity! Wouldn’t we all love to have our very own M.A.C product? ‘Jealousy Wakes’ was created by one of my all time favourite beauty bloggers, the swatch extraordinare Temptalia. Check out and support her blog HERE. 




USD $28.00 / AUD $45.00 

Check out the full ‘Prep + Prime’ line HERE.




USD $29.50 / AUD $52.00

Check out the full line of M.A.C foundations HERE.



USD $17.00 / AUD $36.00

 Check out the full line of concealers HERE.



  • 217 USD $22.50 / AUD $37.00
  • 219 USD $45.00 / AUD $24.50
  • 222 USD $30.00 / AUD $54.00
  • 239 USD $24.50 / AUD $48.00
See all M.A.C brushes HERE.

If you would like to see any of the products swatched from Miss C’s or my haul or have any further questions, please leave a comment below or Tweet or Facebook me. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my combined October haul with Miss C and stay tuned for my first M.A.C Techniques Class review and product purchases post (thanks to the lovely Jodi at M.A.C Myer Brisbane), coming soon!

Miss Fancye


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