M.A.C Shop lipsticks

For the month of AprilMiss C has chosen three M.A.C Shop lipsticks as her beauty product favourites.

The colours in the M.A.C Shop collection are lovely but sadly they are also limited edition.

There were six shades in total and I purchased Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer and Dish It Up.

Since half the collection was made up of brights, it was unsurprising that Quick Sizzle and Watch Me Simmer sold out. The other notable shade that sold out was Miss Fancye’s fav, Innocence Beware! I haven’t quite embraced nude lipsticks yet, so held off from purchasing this particular shade [for now 😉].

In order of personal preference:

 Quick Sizzle

 Watch Me Simmer

Dish It Up 

My personal favourite of the collection is Quick Sizzle, which is a gorgeous and very pigmented matte fuchsia pink. If you missed out on scoring Quick Sizzle in the M.A.C Shop M.A.C collection, NARS has a similar lipstick called Schiap. 

Watch Me Simmer was released again in M.A.C’s more recent Reel Sexy collection.


Given the pigmentation, Quick Sizzle does tend to stain parts of the lip long after the colour has faded.

Quick Sizzle – bright fuchsia pink, matte
Watch Me Simmer – bright coral, amplified
Dish It Up – fuchsia plum, lustre


Different for each since we are dealing with a variety of matte, amplified and lustre lipsticks in this collection. Personally I haven’t had a problem with the textures of these lipsticks. I love the matte finish the best.  If you’re more of a lip gloss fan, than you’ll love the lustre finish.


I prefer to use a lip brush for the matte and amplified lipsticks but that’s because I love to create sharp lines when wearing bright lipsticks.  Application is key when pulling off brights so I always opt for a brush.

Since the lustre is the easiest to apply of the three, I don’t typically bother using a brush with this particular finish.  Like most lipsticks, these wear better with a lip liner.


The range of lipsticks in this M.A.C Shop collection had something for everybody (brights, a nude, a plum/berry and a red!). I honestly think that the colours would look good on everybody.

If I had to choose one, I’d say Quick Sizzle was the star – so thankfully as I mentioned earlier NARS has a dupe in it’s permanent collection called Schiap. The combination of such a bright colour, great pigmentation and a matte finish is always a winner.  

Out of the three, Dish It Up had the worst wearing time which is expected since it’s a lustre.  Even the swatch I took for this review started fading quickly which was disappointing – but as I said its only supposed to provide semi-opaque coverage.  The plus side of the lustre is that it was the most moisturising of the three shades.  The wearing time of Quick Sizzle and Watch Me Simmer was so so, which is reflected in the score I gave them.


USD$14.50 / AUD$36 (sorry but these have well and truly sold out in the US and in Australia in retail stores-but you can purchase them online as per the widgets below)

Miss C Scale  

3.5/5  (if these lipsticks were more long wearing, they would be an all round winner)


M.A.C Shop Quick Sizzle, Dish It Up, Watch Me Simmer

L-R: Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle, Dish It Up

M.A.C Shop lipsticks

L-R: Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer, Dish It Up

Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle, Dish It Up

L-R: Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer, Dish It Up



Miss C


M.A.C Shop

M.A.C Shop

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