M.A.C Techniques Workshop Review and Haul

Earlier this month I attended my first M.A.C Techniques workshop at the M.A.C counter in Brisbane City Myer. A Techniques Workshop is a 2 hour class taught by M.A.C makeup artists on how to apply makeup with M.A.C products step by step to achieve a specific look set by the workshop theme (which changes every time.)

The workshop theme I attended was Corporate to Glam ‘Day to Night’ which showcased how to take a day look into an evening look with a couple of added techniques and products. This look was very simple to achieve and I could easily achieve it at home (bar the lashes).


Class overview

Throughout the demonstration which was led by one MUA, we were encouraged to ask questions at any point, as the products were being applied and used that exact product was passed around amongst us to observe, test and touch. This gave me a really good feel for the product’s properties and application which also helped me decide whether it is necessary for purchase. The M.A.C girls were very interactive and generous in answering our questions without hesitation.

When I arrived we were led upstairs to the top floor of Myer Brisbane into a vacant area of the store set up with chairs, snacks and M.A.C banners. The state M.A.C MUA (makeup artist) trainer Jo Ann was waiting up there along with several other MUA’s. They had a fresh faced young girl make up model seated on the stool beside a table laden with cosmetics. There were almost ten of us at the class (they are always small classes) with varying levels of M.A.C application skills and knowledge and in a range of ages. On our seats was a cardboard package enclosed with a M.A.C Tech pencil and notepad along with a VERY useful tips and tricks guide sheets to makeup application with M.A.C products. The information in this guide is ridiculously useful. You’ll have to go to a M.A.C Tech to get it…


Day Look

    1. Apply Fix + to face;

2. Apply Studio Moisture Cream;

3. Apply Fast Response Eye Cream;

4. Apply Matchmaster foundation with the #190 brush with a criss-cross motion (this prevents streaking and ensures a well blended base)

5. Tap on Moisturecover concealer under your eyes and blend with fingers;

6. Set foundation with Mineralize Skin Finish Natural with a #168 brush;


7. Apply Painterly Paint Pot to the lids;

8. Line your brows;

9. Apply Creamy Bisque eyeshadow with a #217 brush as a highlight colour under the brow and to the inner corners of the eye;

10. Use a #217 brush to pat on Lie Low eyeshadow into the middle of the eyelid and then work and blend inwards;

11. Apply Lie Low into the outer ‘v’ and blend into the crease;

12. Use the #219 brush to tap into Lie Low;

13. Curl lashes with eyelash curler;

14. Apply Opulash mascara;

15. Contour cheeks with Bronzing Powder and #168 brush;

16. Feather on Pro-Longwear Lip Pencil in Staunchly Stylish then outline lips;

17. Complete the look by applying Pro-Longwear lipgloss in Ready Or Not.


Evening Look

To transform your day look as per above you follow the below steps:

1. Take Smolder eye kohl and apply it to the outer ‘v’ work to darken and smoke up the eye look and blend it with the #217 brush;


2. Take the #219 brush and wipe it onto the tip of Smolder eye kohl and wiggle it back and forth underneath the lash line;

3. Dip a #266 brush (angled eyeliner) into Midnight Blue Fluidline coating the brush on both sides, then line the upper lash line with smaller strokes to start with and if desired thicken the line for a cat eye look;

4. Apply #20 half eyelashes to complete the look.

I was most interested in watching the lash application for the evening look, as I have never been successful in putting lashes on and people I know always say, ‘oh you DON’T NEED lashes they are already long!’ I beg to differ. Sometimes I feel like I want to rock out in RuPaul lashes mmkay? My lashes look long because I own a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (carry it on me at all times) and a good mascara. For everyday wear and most evenings that coupling is just fine, but for that special event where I’m going to be photographed and I want my lashes to be like POW I need the enlistment of some falsies to give me extra glam points.

She used M.A.C #20 lashes which are half lashes which look really natural and give you that flirty outer lash flick when applied. The key to applying lashes Jo Ann said was to let the glue get tacky on the lash by letting it stand for a few seconds then placing it on the skin between the lash and lid. After watching Jo Ann apply lashes I am more knowledgeable as to how to do this and I am keen to try putting lashes on again.


What did I buy?



With the $120 you spend for the class, you redeem that back with product purchase so if you were looking to buy new M.A.C products anyway, it’s almost as if you get a free specialised make up lesson by artists who are up to date with the very latest looks.

I didn’t buy any of the products used in the class as I own several of them already. Remember I had just bought a huge M.A.C haul only weeks prior, so finding what I NEED for my kit was going to be tough. However, I used the question time wisely which we had at the M.A.C counter and I got to asking them about several different things I really wanted some advice on.

I wanted to dabble in the wonder of coloured Paint Pots at that point I only owned Painterly which I use solely as an eyeshadow primer and base given it’s neutral skin toned shade. I looked at the Paint Pots on offer from the current collection and was dying to get Idyllic a pretty bronze red but it was sold out! I specifically wanted that one to recreate the look one of the MUA’s had on, Idyllic with Twinks over the top to create the smokey bronze/burgundy eye look. It looked absolutely gorgeous on her.


Indianwood Paint Pot

Instead I purchased Indianwood to lay down underneath Woodwinked and let me tell you that this combination of shadow and paint is a match made in tarnished gold heaven.


  • Beautiful metallic antique bronze colour which you can wear on it’s own or underneath a shadow to lock the colour in and ensure colour vibrancy.
  • Highly pigmented, excellent colour payoff;
  • Use very little, the product will last a long time;
  • It applies so smoothly and you can apply it with your fingers or a brush, but you’ve got to work with it pretty quickly because it sets like powder;
  • They crease significantly less than powder shadows, they apply wet but dry powdery;
  • Fans of cream eyeshadows will LOVE these;
  • Excellent starting product into creating simple M.A.C eye looks (no two, three eye shadows, techniques and brushes necessary)
  • Great to smudge on as a quick eye look when short for time.

My girl Miss E bought Constructivist Paint Pot soon after I bought mine, a gorgeous dark brown/bronze with red pearl which looks to die for on her NC50 skin as an everyday eye. I will be copping that.

I am loving coloured Paint Pots and I am kicking myself I didn’t venture out to try them sooner. Thanks to the helpful MUA for introducing me to my new HG (Holy Grail) eye product.


AUD $35.00 / USD $17.50

Fancye Scale: 5 / 5 


Duo-Image Compact Mirror

I had the Doctor Facilier (the voodoo doctor from The Princess and The Frog) mirror from The Venomous Villains collection which I loved but the image got scratched off from my Shu Uemura eyelash curler rubbing against it in my makeup bag. It’s black, shiny and sleek and has M.A.C written on it in white text, with one side magnified the other a normal mirror. Perfect for whipping out for touch ups (in style).


AUD $11.00 / USD No Longer Available

Fancye Scale: 3 / 5


Angel Lipstick

I just needed to get that Kim K lip down to a T so I picked up a tube of Angel (check out how to achieve my Kim K lip look on my previous post HERE).


  • Angel is a neutral toned, soft pale, rosy pink that is very close to my lip colour, it is similar to my dupe that I had been using Hue, however Hue is a lighter pink;
  • Is a frost finish that applies light to medium in colour intensity (I HATE frosts, but I don’t feel this is a frost in the traditional sense);
  • Applies smoothly;
  • Perfect for lighter to medium skin tones, darker skin tones I would steer clear of Angel.

For some odd reason I thought Angel was a lot lighter and more on the bubble gum pink side similar to the original Viva Glam Lady Gaga (a lot harder to wear). If you put Stripdown lip liner underneath ala Kim it darkens the lipstick up, as soon as you put NARS Turkish Delight over the top it lightens the lip look up completely. Angel looks better without Stripdown on me.


AUD $36.00 / USD $14.50

Fancye Scale: 4.5 / 5


Big Baby Plushglass

Excuse me M.A.C? Why weren’t Plushglasses pushed on me at every M.A.C counter I’ve ever been to? Thank you M.A.C Myer Elizabeth St for showing me the light. Plushglasses in my opinion, exceed ALL the other M.A.C gloss families by a long shot. That’s right, Lipglasses, Cremesheens, Dazzleglasses, Lustreglasses, Chromeglasses, Tinted Lipglass ya’ll can take several seats. (However I still love the high shine of the Clear Lipglass if it wasn’t for it’s incessant leaking it’d be number one)


  • Colour is peach with pink and white pearl;
  • Plushglasses have a lip plumping ingredient in their formula (the MUA told me it’s a capsicum derivative) and when you apply it, it tingles as it works;
  • Sheer lip colour with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish;
  • Comfortable to wear: lush, multi-dimensional;
  • Moisturizes, soothes and visibly plumps the lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and fuller;
  • Contains Vitamin E for environmental protection;
  • Looks great over lipstick or worn alone;
  • Wearability is long lasting, DOESN’T set in the lines of your lips like other M.A.C glosses;
  • They make your lips look like POW, for real.

Needless to say, I will be stocking up on Plushglasses from now on. As a gloss fiend, this is now without a doubt my HG M.A.C gloss line.


AUD $39.00 / USD $18.50

Fancye Scale: 5 / 5


Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This was a repurchase (thank you to Mr Black Cat and Mr Buff for the birthday voucher that bought this) and really is worth the hype people give it. I had never used a face powder before this one, solely because I don’t like the cakey look powder can give off. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder sets your liquid foundation and concealer to achieve a flawless and poreless finish (WINNING!).


  • A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup;
  • Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections;
  • Available in one universal colour that suits all shades (it doesn’t leave a white cast like other translucent powders);
  • Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin;
  • 8 grams of product (TIP: to prevent all the powder coming through the mill when you travel which is really annoying, peel off the sealed sticker and leave two to three little holes exposed than re-stick the sticker down to cover all the other holes to limit the amount of powder that sifts through)
  • Buff it in with a kabuki brush, large fluffy face brush or smaller #224 under the eye.

MUA and vlogger ‘ImBeatFaceHoney’ applies this product under her eyes to set her under eye concealer. I love to use it on my T-zone, especially my nose as it improves how my pores look, it has this incredible diffusing affect on my skin where I look airbrushed. I have had plenty of people comment on how amazing my skin looks when I use Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I will get great use of this product this summer to prevent my foundation from melting off my face without looking cakey.


AUD $42.00 / USD $23.00

Fancye Scale: 5 / 5


If you want to attend a M.A.C Techniques Class enquire at your local M.A.C counter for dates and times. M.A.C Myer Elizabeth Street, Brisbane are having a session this month on November 23 themed Heat Up Your Holiday’ showcasing how to do a bold, coloured or smokey eye and bright coloured lips. Call (07) 3232 0165 to book if you are interested in attending, tell them Miss Fancye sent you.

Have you been to a M.A.C Techniques Class before? What did you think of it?

Miss Fancye


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