Mariah Carey reveals her twins Morocco and Monroe for the first time

Mariah Carey has revealed photos of her twin babies (dem babies) Morocco and Monroe in a Barbara Walters interview on ABC’s 20/20.

Mariah and Nick Cannon have managed to keep the paps away for six whole months on their first born children which is a true feat. Mimi, 41 years received hormone therapy to conceive the twins. They are truly gorgeous babies who look very much like their mother when she was a child as the interview shows.

In the interview Mariah reveals the pregnancy was not an easy one, and how Roc and Roe got their names.

Check the interview with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon courtesy of Neon Limelight below:

Photos of ‘dem babies’ courtesy of WireImages/DemBabies:

You can follow Mariah on Twitter HERE and Nick Cannon HERE they love tweeting with their fans.

What do you think of ‘dem babies?’

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