MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Countdown” Beyoncé

The countdown to “Countdown” is over! Beyoncé debuted the music video release of this hotly anticipated single today.

 Let me say this, I have not been floored by any other videos from “4” other than Run The World (Girls),” till I watched “Countdown.”

Initial reaction: YESSS BEY!!! You better work that bump girl!!! Retro and mod never looked so damn GOOD.

I must have watched the “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video a thousand times because I just adored her retro pin-up outfits and makeup looks.


Beyoncé is taking us back in time with this music video. She’s giving us Audrey Hepburn, Brady Bunch, Michael Jackson and some Flashdance.


The first thing I noticed other than that banging bod and pretty face of hers was the colours! Oh the colours!! The pastels, the brights, the colour blocking. “Countdown” was giving us an explosion of mod colour. Granted I shy away from rocking brights in terms of clothes and makeup (I’m slowly branching out though) but I love a person who has the confidence to inject colour into their look and Beyoncé does this ever so tastefully in “Countdown.” Whether that be in her eyeshadow, clothes or shoes.


Queen Bey is seen counting down in three scenes throughout the video. You see her as a moving clock hand against a black and white background dressed all in black. In a concrete dance studio ala Flash Dance style. Beyoncé is also shown against moving colour blocked square backgrounds which I remember seeing in the intro to The Brady Bunch.


Beyoncé has switched out the blonde lace front wig for a poker straight, long black one worn with and without a bang (fringe) and a shorter retro black bob wig. I love it! She wears her hair tied up in a bun (which from the front makes it look like she’s rocking crop pixie hair in some shots) with a black headband and fringe/bang a very retro, pinup look, she is also seen wearing headscarfs. There is a shot with her wearing a wide brimmed black and white striped hat. I like when she’s wearing a ponytail slicked back in the scene where there are several Beyoncé’s, it is so effortlessly chic. When she gets her Flashdance on near the end of the video, she has a blunt fringe and long black hair that she flicks about, and when she’s sitting on the chair. I particularly like the short bob wig she is seen briefly wearing in a retro shimmy dress that’s a little flapper-esque. It goes to show, Queen Bey doesn’t only look good in lighter locks.


Could her face BEY anymore beat? I mean seriously, the makeup in this video is out of this world. From winged liner to bright eyeshadow and those pink lips!! OH MY GOSH. I MUST find out how to achieve that pink lip. Beyoncé stans stand up and help a sista out!

LOVE the orange nailpolish she flashes at the beginning of the video, I’ve got to track that down it really pops against the black outfit.

I love how simple her makeup looks were throughout “Countdown” yet so classic and beautiful. The bright eyeshadow was crazy with a bold yellow and a teal but it works on her. Best believe there will be a mass of makeup tutorials on YouTube in the future to achieve the looks throughout this video.


In true Beyoncé form, there were many outfit changes throughout the video and that is exactly what I like to see. A large portion of the video depicts Beyoncé in top to toe black wearing a turtle neck top, pants and flats (and bright pink pumps). I noticed she was wearing  a cut-out black and white outfit that exposed her burgeoning bump in early scenes however that’s really the only scene in the video that her baby bump is obvious, which I was a little disappointed with honestly. She covers up the bump for the most with oversized button down shirts and pumps and slimming black. Her boobs look bigger with pregnancy.

The leotard is yet to be hung up yet, it makes an appearance with changing colours.

I like the off the shoulder top she wears in the dance studio, very cute! She wears a few different dancing outfits.

The flapper style gold dress was a standout for me, Bey kills those short fitted dresses even with pregnancy girl be Faboloso killing it.


Beyoncé still works it in this video, no baby is gonna stop her from winding and shaking her trademark booty. Granted, her wild “De Ja Vu” dancing doesn’t feature in “Countdown” but she still brings it.

 She shows off her dancing in the dance studio, and the most notable move in this video (at least for me) is the finger shimmy similar to ‘spirit fingers’ where she is seated on the floor with her pink pumps on, hands crossed across her chest and flutters her fingers near her face. Mark my words, that move will be iconic. Her hand movements have a habit of doing that, “Single Ladies” anyone?

Beyoncé pulls out the classic shoulder shimmy in the shot where she’s wearing the leotard. There is some booty shaking showcased well in her pumps and oversized shirts.

I really liked her quirky and telling facial expressions and gestures throughout “Countdown.”  I think they had more impact given her black outfit and the zoom shots on her face and hands. 


“Countdown” is a fun song about being head over heels in love with someone and she cleverly details how she loves him in the countdown chorus. It’s a celebration of love and it gets me thinking about my love for Mr Fancye whenever I hear it.

Why oh WHY did I not pick up on the fact that Beyoncé was trying to get pregnant when I first heard this song? Isn’t the chorus line: “Trying to make a 3, from the 2” not a dead giveaway?

I had to laugh when I heard the line: “If you leave me, you’re outta your mind!!” Girl please ain’t no one leaving your hot mod ass. You have created your 3 from the 2 and are carrying R&B/Pop/Hiphop/Rap royalty.

The upbeat sound of this track is what makes me love this song so damn much. I jam to it wherever I am whether at work, in the car (yes, I have been caught at the lights channelling Bey), home or at the club. This song goes offffff in the club. As stated in my previous post when Beyoncé releases these kinds of tracks she nails it every time. No other diva on the charts deliver those upbeat, female empowering, catchy, shake ya ass songs quite like Queen Bey. “Single Ladies,” “Crazy In Love,” “Freakum Dress,” “Run The World (Girls),” “Bootylicious,” and the list goes on.

The horn and drums in this song reminds me of college brass bands along with my favourite track on “4,” “End Of Time.” I really hope she releases it as a single.

Check out Beyoncé’s “Countdown” below:

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