MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Drake “Headlines”

Drizzy released the highly anticipated video for “Headlines” on October 2 at 6pm.
“Headlines” is said to be the debut single from “Take Care” Drake’s album for release October 24th. I have been waiting for this album for so very long, I am counting down the days for it’s release and after watching the “Headlines” video I am even more excited!

There is something that strongly attracts me to Drake. I think it is his unique swagger and game changing sound. I will admit, if I was to stan for any artist it would be Drake. Keep this in mind while reading this review, I am kind of in love with Drizzy and have been since the first moment I heard his voice. His flow was so unique to my ears, his effortless and confident rapping ability combined with this R&B swag, placed over these amazing beats blew my mind.


The visuals of this video could easily be mistaken for a Hype Williams production. The video was shot in Toronto at The Guild. It depicts Drake hanging with his black clothed entourage at The Guild and enjoying a lavish dinner.  He is shown singing in what looks like a superdome, a football stadium with a big sign advertising “Take Care.” I was loving how he rocked the varsity jackets and ballcap, it’s signature Drake. He is also shown wearing head to toe black Nike training sweat gear with black gloves. Drizzy dons a business look pretty darn well when going up the escalator with a cigar in his mouth. However, I do question his patterned sweater shown at the dinner table. It’s a bit grandpa.

Drake gets to showing off his trucks in the garage and also shows a building getting tagged with OVO (October’s Very Own). Hitfix cleverly pick up on an elevator analogy:

“its repeating visual of the singer riding a high-rise elevator up and then down, over and over again (Get it? The “ups and downs” of fame?) – wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar, no less.”

The visuals match the lyrics of the song, rapping about wealth, people doubting him and his pledge to prove to everyone he is well and truly back, bigger and better than ever before.

 The Verdict

I really enjoyed this video I feel it was well thought out and is what I would expect to see depicted visually from this track. I believe “Headlines” is a great first official single for “Take Care” as it’s a diss song to all his haters and at the same time showcases his swag and wealth. He took his time producing this album and from listening and watching “Headlines” it shows.

What do you think of Drake’s “Headlines” video?

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