MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez “Papi”

My girl Jennifer Lopez (since the moment I heard “Waiting For Tonight”) released the music video for her new single “Papi” yesterday. Her split with husband Marc Anthony has not stopped this Puerto Rican stunner from re-vamping her music career.

The new album “Love?”  features a lot of dance tracks, which I’m not really a big fan of I much preferred her pop/R&B sound. I must admit, “Papi” did not stand out to me as apotential single. I got caught up in the music video though!


Jenny from the Block is still a hot bish even after giving birth to twins, she really works it! In this video she gets around in matching neutral shorts and a casual tie front top with pumps. 

The clip starts out with JLo coming downstairs to her building lobby reception to check for mail, she is longing to see her husband who is in the military. The Caribbean woman at the front desk sees her sadness and offers her a cookie to take a bite out of, telling Jennifer that by doing so her ‘love would return.’ JLo takes a bigger than expected bite, and then the shenanigans kick in…

The consumption of the magic cookie causes men to fall over themselves to get some lovin’ from Jennifer Lopez as she walks and drives through the streets, unbeknownst to her for the majority of the music video. It’s laugh out loud funny and is very entertaining to watch these men absolutely break their necks for her attention. I liked the dance scene, but most of all I like the reunion of JLo with her papi at the end! Awww military reunions post deployment are always so sweet.


WARNING: There is a hell of a lot of product placement in this video.

“Apart from Fiat—which has already worked with JLo in commercials, the video also has a Blackberry product placement. In the beginning of the video, the American Idol judge uses the famous smart phone.As she fiddles with the phone, she is tracked down by a herd of men. Looking to escape the attention, she quickly makes her way to Tous jewellery storePlanet Love Match—an online dating site—also manages to make an appearance in the music video along with an Apple MacBook. And if that’s not enough, Crowne Royale Black makes a blatant product placement, as well.” Product Placement News

The Verdict

I thought “Papi” was fun I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of men falling over themselves for the heart of Jennifer. She is a talented actress so this wasn’t a stretch for her to role play. Although the beat isn’t particularly catchy to me, I do like the lyrics of the song which encourage people to celebrate the love for their men/husbands by breaking it down on the dance floor. I like how she works in some Spanish lyrics and I can definitely see this going off in the clubs, it’s a real summer hit. 

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