MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Lay It On Me” Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean


After what seemed like an eternity Kelly Rowland has FINALLY released the video for the northern summer hot track “Lay It On Me” from album “Here I Am.”  Whoah Kelly girl! This video needs a sexy disclaimer on it. First up I really love this track which is the second single from the album, the lead single “Motivation” left me wanting more of sexy R&B Kelly. The whole album is a really good one and I encourage you to listen to it if you like Kelly’s R&B sound.

Timing of Release

The track is catchy and was a perfect summer song, however summer in the northern hemisphere is well and truly over and it left people wondering why the release for the video was left so late, so long after the single’s peak in the charts? Music videos theoretically are supposed to give a listener visual context therein simultaneously boosting single sales, her former group member Beyoncé Knowles pulled a similar move recently on the release of “1 +1.”  My Twitter timeline was once filled with Tweeps begging for this video to be shot and released months ago.


This video is hands down the sexiest video I have seen in a long time (aside from her other one “Motivation.”) Watching this video makes me blush. The shirtless black men (and in one shot pantless) who writhe around in this video have amazingly fit and sexy bodies and dance and touch Miss Rowland. Her large gay following are going to LOVE the eye candy in this clip! Kelly’s body looks smoking hot in this music video, and she has her trainer Jeanette Jenkins to thank for that, she looks lean and toned (maybe it took her all summer to get that fit?). She’s seen wearing a white one piece that leaves little to the imagination it looks gorgeous against her skin tone and taut body. Miss Rowland wears a black negligee and fondles a Slinky (remember those?!) rocks a gold cut out body suit, and a one shoulder black leotard. The shoes are phenomenal and her gold jewellery is understated yet adds the right touch to her outfit. Her neutral makeup is beat,  those lashes are popping and her hair looks gorgeous too. 

Note the product placement of Remy Martin?

Oh and the ELEPHANT!! Not sure why there’s an elephant in the clip but it made it in.  Honestly, I didn’t even notice Big Sean in this clip it was all about Kelly. 

The Verdict

 This clip is definitely one for the adults and I am so pleased that Kelly has gone back to singing R&B tracks as I am not big on her transgression into dance music. Dance music doesn’t tend to do too well chart wise in the US which explains her lacklustre sales and poor chart climb. I hope she sticks to this sexy R&B formula because I’m hella tired of artists selling out to dance in the hope to be popular (side eyes Usher). Kelly you’re a sexy bish with talent to boot and this track will no doubt be big this summer Down Under and I cannot WAIT to see you ‘lay it on us’ in April 2012 for Supafest!

Watch “Lay It On Me” below:

What do you think of “Lay It On Me”?  

Miss Fancye



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