MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Love On Top” Beyoncé

Beyoncé has released the full music video for “Love On Top,” after getting the sneak peek debuted in Australia last week.

“Love On Top” is a favourite track from “4” for Beyoncé fans with her vocal ability being showcased in her ascending voice as the song progresses. Unfortunately, I was disappointed the video was cut down to 3:17 minutes, a full minute less than the full length 4:27 minute track featured on the album. The unique feature about this song is how Beyoncé builds up vocally to higher and higher registries, so it lost points for me on that creative choice.


The full length of the video is shot within a studio dance room with five male male dancers accompanying Beyoncé. I have no idea why they have microphone stands in front of them as they are clearly not singing throughout the track which seemingly solely features Queen Bey’s voice.

The first day scene and outfit features Beyoncé casually wearing a black lace top, black dance panties (not sure of the technical term), fishnets, sneakers, gold layered jewellery, cuff and a military inspired hat. She pulls out some funky moves in this get up with her back up dancers. Her straight hair and simple makeup look really took my eye.

The second night scene and outfit shows Beyoncé glamming it up with slightly wavy hair, dressed up in a gold and black single breasted tuxedo top with no shirt underneath, black pumps and black earrings. The backup dancers mimic her black and gold tux look.

Costume change three features the Queen in a white and black tuxedo double breasted tuxedo, with big wavy hair, silver earrings, white pumps and cuffing detail. The lads wear a very chic grey suit with black and white tuxedo dress shoes. I was loving the smokey grey eye on Bey!

There is one final costume change, just when you think that Beyoncé can’t get any sexier she pulls out one last stop. She wears high waisted black pants with a tight cropped black tuxedo jacket with tails and gold detailing (again nothing underneath), black pumps, a top hat and cane. She then unpredictably rips her pants off revealing dance black panties and fishnets. Her background dancers wear matching tuxes.


I dare say she would have shot this video sometime ago as her baby bump is almost unnoticeable in “Love On Top.” As usual Beyoncé looks incredible throughout the video and it is high energy with all the dancing she does from start to finish.

The video concept is not original it is very much takes the style of former boy group New Edition in “If It Isn’t Love.” She copped a lot of criticism for  for her recent video “Countdown.”   I am getting a little tired of the ‘inspired’ videos, if she wants to stay an icon she needs to start creating ground breaking, new videos like the simple concept she ignited with “Single Ladies.”

Now Beyoncé I am waiting for videos for “Party” and “End Of Time” (oh yesss bring on the Southern brass band), I’m just saying…

What do you think of Beyoncé’s “Love On Top” music video?

Miss Fancye


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