MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Party” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé has released her sixth music video ‘Party’ from her latest album ‘4.’  King Bey is releasing videos like crazy lately, with three videos being released in the month of October alone. I am not sure of her record company’s rationale to release them in such a cluster.

This video version of the track is actually the ‘Party’ remix featuring J. Cole (an artist surrounded by a lot of hype and not so coincidently signed to Roc Nation) sans Kanye West (who produced this track) and Andre 3000. I must admit I was really looking forward to seeing Yeezy and André pop up in this video. The track has a chill 80s vibe to it and features a Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh sample. 


‘Party’ is a fun, summer video shot oddly in a New Jersey trailer park with Beyoncé and her party guests looking nothing less than glamorous. Beyoncé wears some SERIOUSLY stylish outfits in this video, ranging from coloured furs to bright swimwear and sequinned dresses, topped off with some drool-worthy shoe wear (can you imagine her shoe collection?!). There doesn’t appear to be much of a baby bump in this video which leads me to think that Beyoncé more than likely shot these recently released videos back to back over a short period of time.

‘Party’ features cameos from her sister Solange, Theophilus London and former Destiny’s Child member and friend Kelly Rowland. J. Cole rolls up in a Bugatti. 

Beyoncé is shown cooking up a meal in her trailer, highlighting her hair (girl’s we have all been there, sitting there with a head full of bleach and tin foil), sunning herself on a banana lounge, floating in the pool, dancing (I think I saw her doing some ‘Wobble’ moves in there!) and applying her makeup.

Speaking of which, her makeup in this video is BEAT. Those bright lips and coloured eyes exemplify summer chic and is the reason why I love the hotter seasons so much. The bright colours, tan and outside living OoO YES! 

Her hair looks great crimped (definite 80s throwback) and tied up with that black bow headpiece.  I died when I saw Beyoncé’s bright Minx’d nailpolish I just love her oval shaped nails (glad to see they’re back in again because I actually never stopped wearing my nails that way).


Somehow I don’t think people in trailer parks typically rock out in designer furs, jewellery, and shoes, so the concept behind shooting it in such a location is a little puzzling as a viewer to me. Nonetheless I love an outdoor BBQ party with my pretty friends just as much as Bey does! ‘Party on girl!

Check out the music video for ‘Party’ below:

What are your thoughts on  Beyoncé ‘s ‘Party?’

Miss Fancye


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