*NEW* MUSIC VIDEO: Beyoncé “1+1”


Beyoncé has debuted her latest music video on the E! network, 26 August 2011 for the track “1+1” which was not officially released as a single but was debuted almost three months ago.


I heard this song three months ago back in May when she performed it live on American Idol and fell in love with it from the first listen, but what I do not understand is why release a video for it now? What is the rationale? Isn’t the point of music videos supposed to be that the video complements the single’s release (the timing), contextualises the song visually, and ultimately to boost single and album sales? It should have been released when it was getting major airplay and attention since the release of “4,” fans have been anticipating videos for her popular uptempo tracks “Party,” “Countdown” and “End of Time.” I feel like fans have moved on from “1+1” and if anyone has any idea of the rationale for the timing of release please enlighten me.


Cutting to the chase, this video is artistic and simple (much like her “Single Ladies” efforts). The colours and effects in this video are excellent.  In this video Beyoncé is seen to be stripping down, her body is covered in water, but it looks like oil and glitter. She appears to be singing to her love interest (Jay-Z) while singing this sensual ballad. You can see her massive engagement rock on her finger in the video. Bey is seen wearing a sheer nude glittery tank, a nude bodice, leopard print lingerie, black scalloped lingerie and a leotard. Of course she looks smoking hot in her underwear (was there ever a doubt?). A man features in this video very subtlety and briefly, you only see the side of his face, shoulders and arms, but it’s not Jay, I don’t know why she doesn’t feature him very often, this song clearly is being sung to him. At points you can see her in a shower, then submerged in water, and blown the hell out from high powered fans.

I am telling you, those fans NEED to get a cut of her profits because for real, those things travel with her every damn where. Concerts, those fans blowing her full lace-front diva wig, and in this video the fan was so damn strong you see her hair blow a full 180 degrees vertical. If I was one of her fans, I’d be giving Bey the stank eye and quoting her track lines back, ‘you better CUT MY CHEQUE!’ Bey’s wigs are ALWAYS on point. Her makeup too was simple and beautiful.


Beyoncé is hella sexy in this video and as always she keeps it classy, but it was not what I expected. I felt the passion in her voice and her tears but I really wanted to see her singing to a man IN the video, I mean she’s the 1 where’s the other +1?

One thing this video does show is that Jay-Z is a lucky man to have that sexy minx to come home to, and you better be giving her what she asks for in this video, because there’s a billion other men waiting in line to be her +1. I’m just sayin…

What are your thoughts on Beyoncé’s “1+1” music video?

Miss Fancye



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