*NEW* MUSIC VIDEO: Lady Gaga “Yoü and I” premieres two days early

Lady Gaga “Yoü and I” Music Video Review and synopsis

Lady Gaga’s new music video for her latest single “Yoü and I” was released 16 August two days before it’s scheduled release on 18 August. It was Miss Gaga herself that linked the video on her Twitter account stating:

 “F*** Thursday You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true.”

The music video as per typical Lady Gaga is anything but conventional. She received some criticism for her last music video “The Edge Of Glory” for it’s simplicity. It featured Gaga and the late saxophonist Clarence Clemons singing on a New York sidewalk and fire escape. People expect a level of oddity when watching a Lady Gaga performance.


“Yoü and I” is inspired by Lady Gaga’s former flame Lüc Carl a night club manager, promoter, musician, DJ, author, bartender, certified personal trainer, and semi-pro bowler from Springfield, Nebraska. The song references Lüc Carl when she sings “something about my cool Nebraska guy” and “for Nebraska, Nebraska I love you.” The title of the song features the character ‘ ü ‘ found in Lüc, and she emulates his appearance in the video clip as the guy sitting on the piano.

Lady Gaga and Luc Carl

She personalises the track with, “Something, something about the chase six whole years, I’m a New York woman born to run you down” which equates to the time Lady Gaga and Lüc Carl were last known to be a couple in 2005.

With that contextual history the song becomes very personal to Gaga about her relationship with Carl, oh whom are rumoured to be back together.


The video features Lady Gaga walking on the road into town swathed in black clothing to Nebraska to get her guy. Her feet are bloodied from the trek and she is delirious yet she perseveres. Her man’s place is typical of Nebraska landscape it’s a barn and she reminisces of the times spent with him. Gaga is featured as a mermaid, a bird-like Gaga being held captive, a black haired Gaga bound and kept in a water tank a younger girl that looks like a kid out of “Children of the Damned” on the piano, and she plays the role of Lüc. The first three characters I mentioned seem to be getting off on some torturous S&M inflicted by Gaga’s love interest. The S&M theme is continued with green haired Gaga rocking leather straps for an outfit as she dances. Perhaps the torture scenes represents submitting herself completely to her man? Or maybe she just likes S&M, who knows. There’s a fair bit of sex in this video. I am still not sure how exactly one has sex with a mermaid…I’m just saying..

It appears that Lady Gaga gets her man in the end as clips are shown of their wedding in white.


I like this video and knowing the context and special meaning of the song to Gaga gives it more depth. I also really enjoyed the song on the album and particularly like seeing Lady Gaga perform “Yoü and I”  live.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s new music video “Yoü and I?” Please comment below.

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