O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish review

O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark is a cult classic dark purple O.P.I shade made famous by many female celebrities since 2009. Khloe Kardashian inspired me to start wearing it on my fingernails. I have been wearing it all Autumn and Winter this year. The thing I love about LPAD is that it is a dark purple, which is much more wearable than a flat black. LPAD has a sister, Lincoln Park At Midnight which is the same deep purple but it has very fine shimmer through it. Lincoln Park After Dark is much more of a flat matte purple. 

Khloe Kardashian

Lincoln Park After Dark is worn below with a base coat, two coats of LPAD, and one coat of Seche Vita Top Coat (the BEST top coat I’ve ever used). 

You can pick up a bottle of O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark at all good nail salons, and department stores, it retails for AUD $20 a bottle.

Word of advice, if you work in a job or are exposed to a lot of activity where your nails are likely to get chipped, do not try and wear dark nail polish. Dark nail polish is high maintenance and if you do not have the time to touch it up or just cannot be bothered, please do yourself a favour and skip out on wearing it on your fingers, leave it to your toes. It is NOT HOT walking around with chipped, tacky, cheap looking nails. You look like a hot mess and NOT polished at all (which defeats the point of wearing the polish in the first place). 

Any other girls out there wear O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark, or have any dupes? Leave a comment below!

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