O.P.I “You Don’t Know Jacques!” nail polish review

I recently purchased O.P.I’s “You Don’t Know Jacques!” from O.P.I’s 2008  La Collection De France. I bought it in the hope that it would be an affordable dupe of the famous Chanel “Particuliére” which has been worn by some of the world’s biggest celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Demi Moore it was very big in Spring/Summer 2010. So I figured why not paint my nails with it for Spring 2011 here in Australia? 

Demi Moore Chanel Particuliere

Victoria Beckham Chanel Particuliere


“You Don’t Know Jacques!” is an understated taupe, mushroom, lavender creamy matte shade. When I applied one coat it was very sheer, the colour became opaque after the second coat.  It is a neutral, classy shade of nail polish and is perfect for the conservative workplace and matches well with many hues of clothing. 

I love this colour and I think from the below photo from My Polish Adventures that it is quite a close dupe to Chanel “Particuliére.”

L-R: Chanel "Particuliere"; O.P.I "You Don't Know Jacques!"; O.P.I "Over The Taupe" Image: My Polish Adventures

 O.P.I “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

Chanel “Particuliére” retails at nearly $40 AUD and $23 USD. I picked up O.P.I “You Don’t Know Jacques!” for a pocket-friendly $10 AUD from a beauty supplier but retail you can pick it up at David Jones for $20 AUD. For my Stateside readers, all good department stores and nail salons stock O.P.I. 

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