Oops! Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland: Double Nipple Slip

Victims of Nipplegate: First Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, then Khloe Kardashian, and now two more divas in one week, the former Destiny’s Child member and solo artist, Kelly Rowland; and the quirky lady of rap, Nicki Minaj.

Kelly was performing at West Orange, in New Jersey promoting her new album “Here I Am” (which is great and I will do a full review shortly) when the dreaded nip slip happened. Oh but this wasn’t just ONE girl, this was a DOUBLE peekaboo. Looking at that skimpy bra with some added purely decorative not functional leather straps she has on, is it any wonder she gave everyone an eyeful? Kelly’s got great boobs I am sure she wouldn’t have got many complaints. Post incident she tweeted: “New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed and didn’t mind the peekaboo LOL!! #kanyeshrug #stuffhappens”  I like that she could laugh at herself. Miss Rowland won many points with me years ago when she was in Australia promoting her debut solo album “Miss Kelly” on a now axed comedy show Rove (think Ellen equivalent), she had a great sense of humour and was a very sweet young woman. It’s okay Kelly girl, all is forgiven, besides your new album is so damn sexual one would easily believe it was part of the show!

Kelly Rowland Uncensored Photos Here

The Trinidad and Queens native Miss Nicki Minaj, aka black Barbie aka Roman, has been on the rap scene since 2007 with her mixtapes in heavy circulation. However it wasn’t until 2009 that she skyrocketed to commercial success on her signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. She performed live at Central Park, New York on Good Morning America, 5 August to thousands of her Barbz (her fan base).

Click here to watch the Interview with Nicki Minaj GMA

Nicki Minaj Uncensored Photos Here

Miss Minaj has a huge following on Twitter and regularly talks to her Barbz. Nicki is also admired by men for her obscenely sized bootay. However this week, it was her tata’s attracting all the attention, her ass was unusually subdued in that umbrella like skirt she wore over her printed tights. How this actually took the focus off it I do not know, the skirt is TRANSPARENT! The mint green cleavage enhancing top she wore had her grabbing and adjusting herself throughout the performance (I watched it via live streaming). She was dancing her butt off (not literally) and her left breast popped out. She gave a surprised face to the crpwd tucked it back in, then turned around. GMA made an apology to viewers sometime after the time of exposure and blurred it out on delay for West Coast viewers.

With the number of nipple exposures of female celebrities lately, I feel like we are getting a bit desensitized. Nipples are played out. Pull a ‘Britney?’ You may get more attention.

In retrospect, I wonder why both Kelly and Nicki (along with their wardrobe stylists) didn’t in dress rehearsal  run some ‘nip risk management.’ For example, apply some nipple covers or use some double sided tape to bind the girls in. Or even switch the offending top altogether? Publicity stunt? Or unfortunate wardrobe malfunction?

What are your thoughts on Kelly/Nicki Nipplegate?

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