PHOTOS and VIDEO: Inside the Kardashian Fairytale Wedding

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Kim and Kris at the alter - E! through Celebuzz

The Kardashian wedding (with minimal mention of Humphries) was indeed all that was predicted, a fairytale wedding, for celebrity royalty. Unfortunately, the reception was cut short due to complaints from neighbours (probably just jealous they didn’t make the 500 invitation list) of noise. The reception wound up by 1am with the music being cut off at midnight. Not even the Kardashians are exempt from bothersome neighbour complaints. 

You can see exclusive photos of the Kardashian wedding in People magazine in September. You can also watch the two part 4 hour special aired in October titled “Kim Kardashian Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” exclusive to E!. 


According to E! Online Kim had two additional (3 dresses in total) dress changes (as predicted in my previous post) and wore a jewelled headpiece.

” Kim wore ivory Vera Wang…. the dress was strapless, with a fitted bodice, a full, rather traditionally cut tulle skirt, and an epic train. The shoes were Guiseppe Zanotti. Her hair was up and her veil remained off her face as she walked down the aisle, the veil topped by a jeweled headpiece with diamonds that dripped onto Kim’s forehead.”


The flowers of choice for the hopeless romantic were African white roses, her bridal bouquet composed of them.

Matron, Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids

This one was a no-brainer, everyone knows how close the Kardashian family are, Khloé Kardahsian-Odom, Kourtney Kardashian, were the matron and maid of honour, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner (click link for more photos as per below) and Kris’ sister, Kaela Humphries were Kim’s bridesmaids all wearing ivory (as opposed to the earlier throw off from Ryan Seacrest saying green). Ivory an interesting choice, given the rules that you shouldn’t wear white to the wedding in fear of showing up the bride (pretty hard to outdo Kimmy I must say), but then again this was anything but a conventional run of the mill wedding!

Kourtney and Khloe changed dresses once and then changed into matching white tracksuits that said ‘Team Hump’ on the back, a tribute to Kim’s bountiful booty.

Kendall Jenner at Kardashian Wedding Bauer Griffin photos


Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason Disick was the gorgeous ringbearer according to E! Online:

“Kourtney’s son Mason was the ring bearer, but as Kourtney started carrying him down the aisle (marked with the same intertwined “K” logo from the invitations) she stumbled slightly, prompting a collective gasp from the guests. All was fine, and Mason grabbed the symbolic pillow and hurried it down the aisle himself. After that, it was into daddy Scott Disick‘s arms for most of the ceremony.

Exclusive footage of Kim Kardashian’s wedding can be found at E! Online. 


The ceremony was said to last half an hour, short and sweet with speeches from Kris and Bruce. The alter bore a huge swarovski cross for the religious family. Kris Humphries pastor joined the two in marriage. Name change? Well like her sister Khloé Kardashian Odom, she is dropping her middle name, and using Kardashian as her middle name, Kimberly Kardashian Humphries. Smart branding move.

First Dance

The soul crooner Robin Thicke introduced the couple to the floor with his live performance of “Angels.”


According to the wedding cake was a 6ft tall, ten tiered chocolate and vanilla swirl cake with chocolate chip icing. The food at the reception included caviar, Kobe burgers, truffles and cupcakes rumoured to cost $750K feeding approximately 500 guests. 

So how much did this fairytale wedding cost? 

If tradition permits, Kim’s parents would be footing the wedding bill (which I however, when you do the math, their Momager (Kris Jenner) certainly pulled out the negotiation big guns for her daughter and the Kardashian franchise leaving them with a no expense wedding. Cue the round of applause for Kris Jenner! One thing that Kris knows best, is how to make money and lots of it. She manages all her children and why wouldn’t you? Keep the money in the family.

Let’s check out the Kim Kardashian wedding running bill (that we have so far):

Cost free

  • $50K bachelorette party (cost free sponsored by Tao)
  • $60K Vera Wang bridal dresses x 3 (cost free)
  • $400K Perrier Jouet Champagne(cost free)
  • $15K 10-tiered six foot wedding cake (cost free)
  • $3M engagement ring and wedding bands by Lorraine Schwartz (discounted)
  • $150K hair and makeup (cost free)


  • $2M décor and flowers


  • $2.5M exclusive photos to People Magazine
  • $12-15M exclusive film footage for a special to E!

So that would mean the Kardashian Klan actually profited close to $18M from Kim Kardashian’s wedding. What an amazing start to wedded life! A far cry from the normal couple trying to get married, saving endlessly and being out of pocket for a much smaller affair than the Kardashian Humphries union.

 $18M in THE BLACK (as opposed to red) is a great start to a marriage, I am damn near sure none of the wedding gifts she received were not nearly as pleasing as this huge sum. All money and business aside, Kim looked radiant (I am yet to see many photos of Humphries) and her family simply gorgeous. I wish them both a happy marriage and I sincerely hope that Kris can withstand the paparazzi attraction and fame that (he has married too) comes with the stunning Kim Kardashian.

What do you think of the Kim Kardashian wedding? I’d love to hear your comments, post your thoughts below.

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