PHOTOS: Kardashian Italian Honeymoon, GoatGate and VMAs

Newlyweds Kim and Kris Humphries travelled to the beautiful Isle of Capri in Italy for their short honeymoon. Having been there myself, I speak with authority that the place is an absolute paradise, a perfect romantic escape.

Kim refused filming and photography on her honeymoon, despite E!’s attempt to gatecrash. I guess she figured the near $18 million profit she made was probably enough. Let’s not get greedy.

The pair were seen canoodling outside on their lounge chairs, surfacing for breakfast and dining on exotic fruits.


So Kimmy got her way on restricting the paparazzi, but evidently there was no restriction on the presence of goats. Looks like even a herd of goats want a piece of the Kardashian-Humphries fame. Kim Twitpic’d this image while she was in the car trying to drive along the road but was delayed by a herd of crossing goats.

Kim shortens honeymoon for MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs)

Kim and Kris were spotted in LAX yesterday, en route to prepare for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards 28 August.

“The reality starlet will be a host at the show, which includes performances from Pitbull with Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga (who will open the show), Adele, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé.  The show will surely be filled with A-listers besides Kardashian: Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez (who will as well be MTV News’ pre-show correspondent), Jonah Hill, Odd Future, Rick Ross and Seth Rogen will all be on hand to present.” –USA News

I am looking forward to see what she’s wearing for the occasion!

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