“Where Have You Been” Rihanna music video preview

Where Have You Been Rihanna

When I heard Rihanna was shooting a video for “Where Have You Been” where she was DANCING real choreography not half wining – AND she was going with a tribal voodoo themeI squealed with glee and got my damn life.

Now y’all know – how I highly anticipated the “Take Care” video ft. Drake – only to be let the hell down by some abstract cray-ness with a blue fish and black and white panorama.

When Rihanna expresses herself  drawing from her Bajan cultural root– I believe she is at her finest form. Need an example of Rihanna integrating Bajan flavour into her music? Listen to her freshman album “Music of The Sun” and the song “Rude Boy.” 

When I hear or see her Bajan culture or iconography Rihanna feels authentic, stripped back , beautiful and natural without the focus being on her hair colour or clothing choice. Rihanna is quite the chameleon and she switches her style up at a whim. However, I sometimes feel it can mask who she really is at her core – it tends to look like she is a bit lost in the fashion and music styles she appropriates. Although, I understand Rihanna is a young woman and fashion is for experimenting when you have a figure like hers.

As usual Rih has been listening to her fans – and throws a bit of shade to those who doubt her dancing ability (which from what we have seen is pretty limited) when she states in the below video,  “It’s all about evoking emotion through your body… I was never going to shoot this video if I wasn’t going to do choreography.” 

Well Queen Rih, I for one am elated that you’ve risen to the challenge to dance in this video and to all the haters don’t go comparing her to the Bey, Ciara and Janet – she’s only starting out don’t expect unforgettable “Single Ladies” calibre choreography. Giver her props for trying damn it. I’m gonna keep it real – that girl could stand there lookin all Bajan beautified holding a voodoo doll and I would forgive all kinds of messed up dance moves – I’m just saying…

Check out behind the scenes footage of Rihanna shooting the “Where Have You Been” video and get your damn life too:

Dance rehearsals for the “Where Have You Been” music video

Wardrobe for “Where Have You Been” 

15 second clip she filmed on her iPhone of the final cut of “Where Have You Been”

Part 3 Behind The Scenes of “Where Have You Been”


The “Where Have You Been” video is rumoured to be released next week – I am sooooo excited!!!

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Where Have You Been

Where Have You Been


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