Ray-J vs Fabolous on like donkey kong (according to Ray-J)

Ray-J aka Little Red Riding Hood and 50 Cent Image: TMZ.com

Fabolous and Ray-J (Brandy Norwood’s brother) got into a dust up over the at The Palm Hotel in Las Vegas last weekend. Ray-J was said to be disrespected by Faboloso and he was just lashing out in retaliation. So where did this beef start? Where else but TWITTER.

The Alleged Story

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr had a 24/7 show before his fight airing and Ray-J was on the show, Floyd makes reference to him “having a concert in his living room” with Ray-J positioned at the piano ready to sing. Fab thought this was funny and tweeted his thoughts about it. Fabolous attended a dinner held by Diddy and Ray-J confronted him at the event about his Twissing (twitter-dissing). According to Fab they laughed it off and it was cool.

Ray-J and Fabolous Image: Singersroom.com

The next meeting the pair had was at a gig involving Fab, Jadakiss and 50 Cent. Ray-J fronts up like Little Red Riding Hood in a red hoodie and starts up with Fabolous AGAIN about the Twitter beef which Fab thought was squashed. Ray-J gets up in his face and keeps making reference to this crew called Money Team whoever the hell they are. Ray-J allegedly said he is; “sick of being humble.. he chills by the pool with hoes… owns seven Rolls Royce’s and is making big paper.”

Ray-J shoves Fab he then grabs J’s hoodie, then according to Fabolous it was game over as security and 50 Cent jumped in and it quickly fizzled out to nothing. No punches were thrown and no injuries incurred as Ray-J publically claims there was.

Here is Ray-J on The Breakfast Club relaying his side of the story of what happened. Ray-J claims that he went in on Fab and connected with a punch. Doesn’t he sound as high as a kite? Who talks like that? As Fab said, “it sounds like he was on that Whitney.”

This is Fabolous’ account of the incident as he relays it on air AFTER hearing Ray-J’s rant on morning radio:

Below is video footage of the brawl exclusive to TMZ.

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Ray-J I think you’re dead ass wrong for:

A) even starting up with this;

B) for all the gay hating on your interview;

C) being an arrogant douchebag.

NEWSFLASH: making up stories and bragging about you got this and that, ain’t cute, and it sure as hell isn’t helping you record a new album!  Secretly, I believe you’re just mad about Kim’s new marriage, and you want some of her limelight oh YES I went there.

As Makael from The Skorpion Show said; “Ray-J, I got “One Wish” and that is for you to go somewhere and take several f***ing seats!”

So who’s team are you on? Team Fab or Team Ray-J, vote below and show who’s side of the fence you are sitting on.


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