Reel Sexy M.A.C lipstick

Reel Sexy

I bought the Reel Sexy lipstick in April 2012 from the M.A.C Reel Sexy collection.

I wore it last night as it’s a perfect match to my Essie Tart Deco nailpolish I just couldn’t deal with the doldrums of winter any more and needed a pop of colour. It seemed my girls were thinking the same thing with my guest blogger and homegirl Miss C’s lips popping with a NARS fuschia toned lipstick and Miss E’s pout boasting a bright red lip pencil.

Red, fushcia and orange lips. Summer couldn’t come  sooner for us heat loving sistas.

Anyway, you wanna hear the deets on this winning Reel Sexy lippie?

Let’s get it, let’s go!


A light bright coral/orange. How does it compare to other M.A.C orange lipsticks in the same colour family? It’s not as bold and in your face as Morange (permanent and not pictured) it is far less coral than Vegas Volt (permanent), similar to the permanent Ravishing however brighter and without the red undertones.

Reel Sexy comparison

Reel Sexy

Reel Sexy


Reel Sexy is an Amplified lipstick meaning it’s creamy and bold in colour. It is one of my favourite  finishes. Not at all drying on the lips and packs a punch of colour so be careful in your application.


You can wear this as a light orange wash if dabbed on or you can build it up to a fully opaque orange. I don’t use a lip liner but that’s not to say you shouldn’t – an orange or nude lip pencil would work perfectly. As previously mentioned it is bright so this colour is not very forgiving if you slip while applying.


Reel Sexy doesn’t last too long on the lips – it’ll be gone by the end of your meal. I love to apply my favourite M.A.C lipglass of all time Queen Bee [limited edition] an iridescent apricot/orange with gold flecks over the top to give an extra fullness and pop of warmth and dimension.

I’m a little scared to wear Reel Sexy built up (so it’s brighter) in the corporate environment, I think I’ll save this one for the evenings, when I’m tanned in the summer and for the beach. It pairs well with a golden/bronze/nude eye look and bronzer. It gives an instant glow and healthy looking face.


 USD$14.50 [limited edition] you may be able to find it on Ebay

Fancye Scale

4 /5 

Reel Sexy

Reel Sexy

Reel Sexy

Reel Sexy

What do you think of Reel Sexy?


Miss Fancye


Reel Sexy

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