Reggie Bush: too little, too late as Kim Kardashian prepares for her wedding to Kris Humphries

I make it no secret that my favourite NFL player is Reggie Bush.

I wear his jersey, rock a black and gold fleur de lis sticker on my car and watch the New Orleans Saints games. However, Reggie’s football form has been less than impressive as a Saints player and has recently been traded to the Miami Dolphins for the upcoming season. I love Reggie because he’s super hot and can play           good ball but his off-field play with the         gorgeous Kim Kardashian, is reportedly still bugging him  after  their relationship ended in 2010 after several years of  courtship.

Sources allege it was Reggie that left Kim (they had broken up and reconciled before) the final time, rumours circulated of him cheating with another woman. If this was true, as much as I love you Reggie you’re a damn fool for doing the dirty on such a stunner like Kim K. Those two together, let’s be real, were hot as hell.









Reggie currently has a doppelganger girlfriend Melissa Molinaro (singer, actress, model, choreographer girl please anything else?) who is currently being sued by Kim as she believes Miss Molinaro is illegaly appropriating her ‘brand’ (which is her unique look) in an Old Navy advertisement as is depicted in the image below.






Melissa was preceded by another Kim lookalike Mayra Veronica a Cuban model and singer. Now is the fact they BOTH look like Kim 1) a mere co-incidence; 2) is he just attracted to bootylicious, dark haired, women; or 3) he regrets he hasn’t got it like that with Kimmy anymore and is trying desperately to fill that vacant armcandy position with an inferior, cheaper model?

His alleged latest behaviour to me suggests reason number three. Reggie has reportedly been texting Kim incessantly begging her to call off her August 20 wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries, as ‘she is the one.’ Kim was said to be initially friendly with Reggiebut now has truly moved on.

As much as I would love to see them together again, I am a fan of both Kim and Reggie, I would have to say, Bush mate, too little, too late. Kim seems truly happy with Kris Humphries.

 I am sure Kris wouldn’t be too happy about Bush’s attempt to rekindle their flame.

What are your thoughts on the Bush, Kardashian, Humphries saga? 

Miss Fancye




  1. Dawn says

    Seems Kim K likes the dark side in her men. Must be because they dig the big butt! I am tired of hearing about the kardashian’s. What are they, God’s gift! All they care about is publicity and profit. I knew even before the wedding day that the marriage would only last three months. It was so obvious if you watched any of the shows that Kris would have to submit to Kardashian ways and be controlled or else. I quess we know the or else!

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Dawn, I think Humphries was the controlling one, did you see on the show and the wedding special how he talked to her and the Kardashian family? I think Kris is a complete fool for complaining about the media attention, why would he think Kim would automatically turn into a recluse and drop her business commitments after getting married?

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