Rihanna reveals she won’t be touring in 2012 at “Battleship” film premiere Sydney

Rihanna Battleship

Rihanna opened up to Aussie reporters last night at the Sydney film premiere for “Battleship” and revealed a few interesting facts.

Rihanna Battleship

Image: Adam Ward

It was a freezing night out – but Rihanna looked warm enough in her a Stella McCartney jumpsuit for last night’s premiere of “Battleship” at Luna Park in Sydney. 

Rihanna surprisingly revealed to Joel Christie from The Daily Telegraph that she will not be touring in 2012 and was focusing on her acting career. The Rihanna Navy have been wanting her to take a break from recording and touring – and finally, she has listened. 

She also revealed she is working on a television show and a fashion line. 

Rihanna addressed the rumours of her playing Whitney Houston in the biopic film; 

 “It would be an incredible honour for whoever plays that part – if they are even doing a film,” she said.

“Those are huge shoes to fill. There could be somebody better – I’m not even an actress really – but I identify with her a lot and that’s where it’s intriguing for me.”

Being the superfreak she is – she also told The Telegraph that she loves to go to sex shops and earlier tweeted she loves ThePornHub. Now if only a man would take that birthday cake Rih!

I stated earlier that I wanted Rihanna to perform with Chris Brown at Supafest this Saturday – The Daily Telegraph cheekily asked that question (after specifically being told not to talk about Chris Brown) and was promptly shut down by the Barbadian goddess – “you are asking too many questions.”

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