Rihanna Shines Bright In Brisbane: GIG REVIEW

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Rihanna gave the audience her all and then some in Brisbane on the Diamonds World Tour.

Although I consider myself a member of her fan base the Navy – I admit I had my reservations given negative reviews from her show in Adelaide and Perth. In these cities she reportedly took the stage 90 minutes late, drunk and disinterested.

Surprisingly she had a DJ as her support act, I was expecting someone like Miguel to serenade us.

Rihanna took the stage 20 minutes after her scheduled set time and performed almost continuously for two hours.

She was rocking a black mullet (knowing her hairdo fickleness give it another week or so) and had six costume changes in total.

Her set was full and featured almost all of her hit songs and despite the Courier Mail’s criticism she sung ‘lesser known songs.’ Notable absences included “Rehab” and “Pon De Replay” the single which cemented her career. She sung two of my personal favourites “Cold Case Love” which showcases her vocal ability and “Rockstar 101” featuring the infamous Slash.

The stage set was impressive with large screens, rotating platforms and shooting flames. Very rock and roll. Speaking of which, Bibi McGill was on lead electric guitar – who has also accompanied Katy Perry and Beyonce on tour. The backup dancers were fantastic and all female – her band was extremely talented.

Vocally, Rihanna was not lip syncing despite what the Courier Mail claims. Her choreography is getting better every time I see her live.

The makeup artist beat Rihanna with a dark blue almost navy lipstick which I’ve spotted her wearing lately. I liked it on her! In true Rihanna spirit I wore my M.A.C RiRiWoo lipstick to the show.

The show was high energy – I couldn’t help but dance throughout and belt out the lyrics loud and proud. I was disappointed with the clueless girl’s around me in the audience who didn’t know the lyrics to the majority of her songs – not real fans *facepalm.*

I got my entire LIFE at this Rihanna show, she was everything I expected she would be and more! The crowd were very impressed and it’s honestly the most fun I’ve had at a gig in a long time.

Shout out to my boys Black Cat (aka Merch Whore) and PTNMS for the Navy company at the show – you made it extra fun!

Check out my photos and video of the Rihanna concert below:

Diamonds World Tour  Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour  Diamonds World Tour Diamonds World Tour

If you went to her tour – what did you think of the show in your city?

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