Rihanna spends 2011 summer in Australia, Barbados, UK and St Tropez

Rihanna has been racking up the air miles in the heat of 2011. From turning up the heat Down Under in our already warm climate, then returning to her hotter homeland of Barbados for some cultural R&R, backing up in the UK for the V Music Festival and finishing up the summer season partying on a yacht in St Tropez.


Earlier this year in our summer, the gorgeous Rihanna graced our Australian shores for her “Last Girl On Earth Tour.” My boy Nick went to see the crimson haired vixen and below are some photos of her belting out her tunes, with a billion (well not quite) costume changes in Brisbane, Australia.

Getting up close and personal with her Rihanna Navy singing “Only Girl In The World.”

Any bets on her singing “Rock Star 101” in this photo?

Rihanna looking very militant in this photo yet girly in this baby pink sparkly leotard for “Hard.”

Ooooh shimmy shimmy ya! Shake it girl!

Teetering on a platform Rih still manages to sing and keep focus.

If these pictures have you wanting more live Rihanna Brisbane concert footage, watch this fantastic video footage for your fix, thanks to 19davo57cut and edited by Rihanna TV.

Part 2 Rihanna “Last Girl On Earth Tour” Part 2

Part 3 Rihanna “Last Girl On Earth Tour” Part 3


RihRih was in her native homeland for Kadooment Day.

What is Kadooment Day?

Kadooment Day falls on the first Monday of August the final day of the Crop Over (aka Harvest Home) a tradition starting in colonial 1688, it is a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest. Originally it featured singing, dancing and accompaniment by bottles filled with water and other instruments, other traditions included climbing a greased pole, feasting and drinking competitions. Contemporary times have seen the activities evolve into a festival likened to Brazil and Trinidad’s Carnivale, with lots of calypso music, dancing and traditional foods.

Judging by the below photos and video footage Rihanna had a great time winding to the beat, gettin her “Cheers” on with some celebratory drinks, and chilling with the locals involved in the festivities.

Love the Bob Marley one piece!


Rihanna performed at the V Music Festival in Hylands Park, UK. My goodness, her body is smoking hot. Look at those pins!


Later this month, RihRih was spotted kicking it with her girlfriends in the south of France on a yacht. I am LOVING the copper/brown hair (the colouring is strikingly like my own) she’s obviously given her fiery red wigs a rest. Nobody can deny this Bajan native knows how to have a good time!


Enjoying her “Music Of The Sun” Rihanna looks like she is loving life and keeping her cultural identity strong. To me, that is a beautiful thing (along with that ridiculously fit body of hers). 

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