Russell Simmons coupled up with Melissa George


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It’s official, actress Melissa George, 35, from “Home and Away” fame is dating multi-millionaire, hip hop mogul, older brother to Run from Run D.M.C  and ex-husband to supermodel Kimora Lee, Russell Simmons, 53. Yes you read right, MELISSA GEORGE. No shade to our Aussie countrywoman, but Russell historically shacks up with the supermodel kind so this news definitely came as a surprise to me. 

 George, who has recently shot Australian TV series The Slap, and Bag of Bones alongside Pierce Brosnan in Novia Scotia, was first linked to Simmons in July when they were sighted at the Friends with Benefits film premiere and after-party in New York.” PerthNow

They have been spotted out together throughout New York.

Who on earth is Melissa George?

For my international readers Melissa George is an Australian actress hailing  from Western Australia who is most well known in the 1990s for her role in a homegrown Aussie soapie called “Home and Away.”  She’s starred in the following films/shows many of them in the ‘weird’ genre a.k.a science fiction, fantasy, psychological or horror:

  • “Dark City”
  • “Mulholland Drive”
  • “Charmed”
  • “Alias”
  • “The Amityville Horror”
  • “30 Days of Night”
  • “Triangle”
  • “W delta Z”
  • “The Betrayed”
  • “A Lonely Place To Die”

She left Australia in 1997 to try and make it in Hollywood. Melissa hasn’t exactly had the career success of our Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman or Russell Crow, but hey Hollywood is tough. Many Aussie’s have made the trek to the U S of A only to find opportunity not exactly banging down their door.

Melissa was previously married to Chilean film director by the name of Claudio Dabed.

Claudio Dabed and Melissa George Images:

Who the heck is Russell Simmons? (for those of you have no hiphop literacy whatsoever)

Images: Chip/East Reuters

Russell Simmons is from Queens New York, and started out in humble beginnings as a hip hop promoter. He is also older brother to Rev. Joseph Simmons “Run” from the groundbreaking hiphop group, Run D.M.C. Simmons was a co-founder of Def Jam Records with Rick Rubin in 1984. He also owned and managed the clothing company, Phat Farm, has a jewellery line, owns Rush Communications, headed the television show Def Comedy Jam, Def Poetry and is a major shareholder in Global Grind a website a really great source of hiphop and pop news.

He also had a reality TV show in 2010 that I watched and really enjoyed called, “Running Russell Simmons,” it gave me an insight into the lifestyle of the hiphop mogul and clever business man.

 Russell married supermodel Kimora Lee in 1998 and were officially divorced in 2009. They share two beautiful little girls together, Ming Lee (11 years old as at 2011) and Aoki Lee (9 years old as at 2011).


Kimora Lee still heads up Baby Phat and Phat Farm legacy brands from their union. Kimora Lee post Russell moved on with the delicious supermodel and actor Djimon Honsou, and has recently had a son with him, Kenzo Lee.

Kimora Lee, Kenzo Lee and Djimon Honsou at The Hamptons in July 2011 Images:

Russell’s empire is estimated to be worth $340 million (so Melissa’s not exactly going to be going dutch on meals with that kind of $$$).

Simmons is a vegan, practices yoga and advocates for animal rights and same sex marriage.  Russell hasn’t exactly been hiding his relationship with our George as he Twitpic’d a sexy photo of her on Twitter as per below.

 George has this to say about her relationship with Mr Simmons:

“It’s just , you know, fun . . . so much fun, I can’t stop smiling. For what it’s worth, whatever is going on, and it’s been a while now, it’s absolutely lovely. And it has come at the right time. To be around such an inspiring person is just great and what I’ve always wanted. I’m not going to get gushy and talk about it too much, but it’s out there. I salute myself on my choice, I think I have great taste.” – PerthNow


I say YASSSS to fellow Aussie Melissa George for this “upgrade,” go ahead girl, she seems truly happy with Russell however I can’t help but compare her to one of my celeb favourites and former wife Kimora Lee (however unfair that is). 

Melissa George is beautiful and talented and although it seems an unlikely coupling (which I think most people would agree it is) I wish them great happiness. 

 Check out some more photos of the happy couple below (awww!): 

Melissa George and Russell Simmons canoodling Images: E! Online

Meditative Russell and Melissa at The Homeland Premiere Images: Zimbio

Melissa, Russell and his niece Angela Simmons at Tommy Hilfiger 2012 fashion show at New York Fashion Week Images:

What do y’all think about Russell Simmons and Melissa George hooking up?

You can follow Russell Simmons on Twitter. 

Miss Fancye



  1. hollysagemini says

    Hmmm. This is somewhat of an odd coupling IMO…given that Russ as you say has dated exotic, leggy supermodel types previously. Melissa is a little plain looking to me, seems like a downgrade for Russ. He’s also had a bunch of different gf’s since his split with the awesome Kimora, I don’t see this lasting…will he ever find a woman as fab as her, it’s a big ask! I find it strange also that she refers to the relationship as “whatever is going on”…does this not mean they are actually in a committed relationship, or is it more a casual fling thing? I reckon these two are too different for it to work in the long term.

    Lastly, I didn’t know about this coupling until I came here to read this….THANKS FOR THE TEA, MISS FANCYE!!

    PS If there was an award for cutest celeb offspring, Kenzo Lee would win it hands down 🙂

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